You deserve
to live a life
guided by
your intuition
and aligned
with your soul.

powerful words from a few of my incredible intuitive coaching and hypnotherapy clients who changed their thoughts and energy to change their lives…

Rachel Bjornson

I went from really being in a space of “I’m in Corporate America, and that’s going to be my life, and there’s no other option, there’s just no other way” to slowly budding open and now…there are so many things that have opened up, and it started with the foundational stuff that we began with and your constant support and encouraging me to play, to celebrate, to listen to myself.

Rachel Bjornson, Intuitive Soul Coach & Energy Healer, Seattle, WA, USA

Merja Willock

I was able to let go of my attachment to outcome without feeling that I would have to accomplish certain things in order to feel good enough. It was more important to move forward slowly, learning to understand and listen to the voice of my intuition and healing on a soul level.

Merja Willock, Writer & Artist, Toronto, Canada

Cassie Winterhalter In the past I didn’t really think of myself as being intuitive, but after working with Sabrina, I found that I am actually incredibly intuitive. I have a much better self awareness and take much better care of myself than I ever did. Also, I officially started a new business that I had been aching to start, but never quite moved forward with, for years! Cassie Winterhalter, Music Studio Owner and Mentor at Winterhalter Music, Maryland, USA

A life of alignment is within your reach…

…you just need to learn how to understand the language of your soul.

Once you understand how your soul speaks, you can begin making choices from your clearest vessel, that sacred, intuitive space deep inside. Then, by shifting your thought habits around self-doubt, you can get crystal clear on what you truly want to bring forth into the world.

The good news? You already have everything you need.

The Mission

Curious about how my process can help you listen to the voice of your soul?