3 powerful words


Words are powerful.

They are bridges that connect us to one another, but they also carry weight in the conversations we hold with ourselves.

Most of our self-talk is unconscious, based on the questions we have asked and stories we have told ourselves that have woven into patterns over time (some, empowering; some, not so much).

I was reminded of this just recently as I was graciously introduced by Nicole Lee in her Inclusive Life Accelerator to LaTosha Brown, an amazing speaker, activist, and truthteller.

In Ms. Brown’s powerful presentation, she led with a question that spoke so clearly to my soul:

“Who are you BEING in the world?”


All of our DOING is irrelevent if we aren’t first aligned with our BEING.

So how do we stay consistently aligned with “who we be?”

I don’t have all of the answers, but there has been one phrase that has come together for me again and again over the years to guide me back home to my deepest knowing (click the button below to learn what those 3 words are):

I would love to hear from you:

What words will you choose to shift the way that you are showing up for yourself and more fully align with who you are being in life?

Choosing love, always,



I am a big believer in small actions making a big impact; here is a list compiled by Alexandra Franzen of 30 ways you can educate yourself, stand in solidarity with your BIPOC friends, fight racism, and build a better world.


I was also introduced to this beautiful song through the Accelerator; close your eyes, listen, and heal.



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