I am truly inspired by the shifts my clients have made in their lives...

...discover how they took their insights to intuitively inspired action through our work together.
Rachel BjornsonAfter our first phone call, I knew that I would find the money, find the time, and that you were the right person to work with. And oh my gosh, the outcome of that time with you – I would have never in my wildest dreams have envisioned what would unfold from our work together, and I am so dang thankful, thankful, thankful for it!

I went from really being in a space of “I’m in Corporate America, and that’s going to be my life, and there’s no other option, there’s just no other way” to slowly budding open and now, over lots of work, lots of training, I’ve become an Energy Healer, I’ve launched my own energy healing practice…there are so many things that have opened up, and it started with the foundational stuff that we began with and your constant support and encouraging me to play, to celebrate, to listen to myself.

I’ve felt love from other people, but there’s something about you that is so unconditionally loving. It’s not something you can tangibly see or even tangibly write about, and people might not understand it until they experience it, but the space that you hold that’s so unconditional and big and encouraging without being pushy…I don’t even know what I would have done without that. Anyone would be so lucky to work with you – you are such a blessing.

~Rachel Bjornson, Intuitive Soul Coach & Energy Healer at Elhana Healing, Seattle, WA, USA
Merja WillockFrom the first time I spoke with Sabrina I instantly knew how energizing and fun it would be to work together. Sabrina creates a comforting and invigorating space (that you don’t want to leave) where it feels safe to cry and laugh and share all your feelings from frustration to hope and joy. Through this work together, I have become more conscious of the natural flow of my energy which gives me more courage to create my own unique schedule and boundaries.

I was able to let go of my attachment to outcome without feeling that I would have to accomplish certain things in order to feel good enough. It was more important to move forward slowly, learning to understand and listen to the voice of my intuition and healing on a soul level.

I always looked forward to our calls as talking to Sabrina felt like having a chat with one of my best friends, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs a loving and compassionate guide to help them to learn to connect with their soul and intuition on a deeper level, and is willing to experiment how to get there.

~Merja Willock, Writer/Artist, Toronto, Canada

Cassie WinterhalterI had never worked with an individual coach before, and to be honest, I felt guilty spending money on myself. However, I got so much more out of the coaching than I ever imagined – it was so worth the investment!

In the past I didn’t really think of myself as being intuitive, but after working with Sabrina, I found that I am actually incredibly intuitive. I have a much better self awareness and take much better care of myself than I ever did. Also, I officially started a new business that I had been aching to start, but never quite moved forward with, for years!

It has also helped me have a better relationship with my husband and come to peace with things happening in my world that I wasn’t pleased with. I feel a greater sense of calm overall and even when things get busy and stressful I’m much better at stepping back and putting things in perspective and putting myself as my top priority.

Anyone considering work with Sabrina should know that she will guide them to what their intuition is telling them they need. Beforehand I thought that the coach should have all the answers. After working with Sabrina it was so refreshing to know that I have the answers; she was simply there to guide me and give me the tools to find them.

~Cassie Winterhalter, Music Studio Owner and Mentor at Winterhalter Music, Maryland, USA
Jaclyn M

Amazing Grace and Sabrina’s support is AMAZING especially for solopreneurs! Rather than running around in a constant state of imbalance and chaos, Sabrina has helped me remember what it is I am working for: a singing soul.

Without Sabrina, I would have not: signed my dream office lease, stayed on track for a very reputable online marketing program and most importantly, maintained a regimen of self care and presence that is the essential happiness in our lives.

While the world around me continues to move along at a faster pace, I can lean more towards grounding, presence and zen thanks to my work with Sabrina. I often refer to Sabrina as my mental massage and I HIGHLY recommend a session, or two, or ten with her to help you revisit the mind-body-soul connection of your life!

~Jaclyn Mullen, Founder of Jaclyn Mullen Media & Startups and Stilettos, Los Angeles, California, USA

Genevieve Maxted TidySince I began working with Sabrina, I have achieved a complete life overhaul, and I am not just saying that to be nice – I am a completely different person today than I was a year ago and I would not have been able to make such enormous changes if it had not been for her ongoing support. Every aspect of my life has changed.  My business is growing with a healthy and happy Woman at the helm, my family is happier and more balanced, my Daughter is happier and I feel just so connected with myself and everyone in my life. Most of all, I have opened my heart to love, this has been the very basis for everything I have achieved over the past year.

Sabrina is a positive love beam of energy and motivation.  After every session with her, I felt more alive, more positive and more accepted and loved than I think I have ever felt.  Deep work has been done but with bursts of laughter and fun – a really great balance.

I enthusiastically recommend her to everybody who wants to embrace love and feel accepted, supported and deeply taken care of!

~Genevieve Maxted-Tidy, Writer, England, UK
Heather DayWhen Sabrina came into my life I knew she’d be my true blue soul sister. She meets me exactly where I am with so much love and then BLASTS me with positivity and incredible energy- whenever we talk, I leave feeling absolutely supported, cared for, and energized!

She is a gentle but strong reminder that the Universe has my back, and whenever I’m struggling I know she’s my shining light to guide me back to myself… to my own wisdom, strength, and intuitive sense of what is true and right for me.

If you’re looking for someone to show you your own strength, guide you to your own intuitive wisdom, and coax you to trust that the Universe wants you to have an incredible life- Sabrina is your woman. And soon she’ll be your soul sister too.

~Heather Day, Coach for Recovering Perfectionists and Yoga Teacher at Heather Day Wellness, San Juanillo, Costa Rica
Shawna McGrathI have to say that I was blown away by how awesome and inspiring our session was! I knew it would be good but I feel like it was 100x better than I expected.

I was surprised by how much of the session was influenced by intuitive guidance – it was the perfect balance of intuitive guidance from you and space for me to put out what was coming up from within me.

I’m very inspired and feel like I have some clear direction on how I can best proceed in a way that’s true for me at this point in time. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙂

~Shawna McGrath, Yoga Teacher and Wellness Guide, San Diego, California, USA

Aline VerheyenBefore working with Sabrina, I had panic attacks before writing even a short email! Complete writer’s block and feeling like a failure. I so badly wanted to blog about my passions and didn’t understand where all this resistance came from.

Sabrina took me on an amazing journey into my subconscious mind. Guided by her loving wisdom, I found MY answers and she gave me some practical, fun and spiritual tools to make sure the change could stick. And it did!

I am very grateful for this madly skilled and magical mentor.

~Aline Verheyen, Healer and Naturopath, Brussels, Belgium

Kelsey RamsdenWorking with Sabrina was momentum altering.

She was professional, moved into the space I needed help, guided me through it in a thoughtful way and I came out of the session with her feeling confident and clear on the path before me.

~Kelsey Ramsden,  Entrepreneur/Speaker/Mentor at KelseyRamsden.ca, Canada

Alexis PierceI just had a session with Sabrina Bolin and wow! I feel like the universal mother just gave me a hug and said “let it all out, you’re safe and I love you”.

I feel more calm, centered, and ok about who and where I am in this journey.

I won’t say more because I want to keep in some of the specialness for myself, but if you’re feeling confused or overwhelmed, consider Sabrina. She’s awesome.

~Alexis Pierce, Life Strategist, New York, NY, USA

Bonnie GillespieSabrina is not only intuitively gifted, she is fun, funny, smart as hell, and brilliant with communication about exactly HOW to put her suggestions into action. Her guided meditation at the end of our session last week continues to be my go-to, when I need to settle down and stop trying to strong-arm my life into looking the way I think it should.

Sabrina has a gift and it is my delight to provide the best two-word review an entrepreneur could possibly want about her business: IT WORKS.

If you’ve been thinking about inviting intuitive work into your world, to up-level your game in any way or simply to find a place of peace from which to do your best work, stop stalling. Do it.
~Bonnie Gillespie, Dreamweaver, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Ellen CI knew what things I wanted in life but was having troubles figuring out my plan of action.

Sabrina gave me the tools, not to mention the courage to go after what I wanted, and in just a couple months I’ve already started achieving some of the things on my list!

She’s like a bottomless barrel of joy and support and has helped me remember and appreciate everyday things in my life that are awesome. She rocks my socks, and I don’t even wear socks.

~Ellen C., Los Angeles, California, USA

Kelly Valentine Sabrina is a constant source of encouragement and compassion. Her belief in me on those days when I have none, has been a lifesaver.

She is the gentle nudge to keep going, keep reaching out, keep believing.

Her willingness to share tools and resources to help me get the life that I want has been of great value to me. Her love of what she does shines so brightly in our sessions that I’m left inspired and filled with possibility. She is truly an illuminator. Whenever I feel my own light is a little dim, she’s there to turn that baby back up where she knows it belongs! Working with her is like having the best cheerleader you could imagine rooting for you and your dreams….who doesn’t need that?

~Kelly Valentine, Writer, Los Angeles, California, USA

Dina WHaving just done a coaching session with Sabrina, I’m feeling pretty amazing. My expectations were really pragmatic in nature – actions, timeframes – things you know you “have” to deal with to accomplish your goals.

To my delight, what we worked on has given me a concrete direction that feels so right for my career and for my life, but it didn’t feel like WORK.

Sabrina created a FUN, energetic space for me to explore where to go next with laughter, love, creativity and at times some knee-slapping! What a precious gift, THANK YOU.

~Dina Wilson, Actor/Producer, Los Angeles, California, USA

Zoe KernowThank you for your session – it has been an inspiration!

Your home play was absolutely spot on. I had spent far too long being torn between other people’s needs – and it is funny how as soon as you know what you want people seem very happy to accommodate it. Extraordinary.

Although it takes some proper reflection to achieve clarity, I have taken the time to do that now, to remove all the tension and stress. Something had to change. Fingers crossed, I think I have worked out a way of balancing everything. It seems I am seeing my opportunities for the incredible gifts that they are. I am normally such an upbeat and enthusiastic person and have regained that 🙂 Since all this came about from just ONE coaching session with you I know how incredibly powerful you are!

~Zoe Kernow, Cornwall, UK

Jessica MurdochYesterday I was lucky enough to receive a session from Sabrina, and, as we sat down, my Yogi Tea message told me to ‘Experience the warmth and love of your soul’. Sabrina truly allowed this to happen through holding such a warm, loving and healing space for me.

I have struggled with ‘sharing’ my voice, knowing I am safe to communicate my true purpose and bring it into the world. Sabrina helped me clear some really BIG limiting beliefs and here I am sharing!

Sabrina has such a warm and beautiful soul I really recommend having a session with her and feeling the Magic!

~Jessica Murdoch, Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Founder of The Wellness Space, Seattle, WA, USA

Nancy CohnI am so grateful for the very beautiful and powerful session with Sabrina, and I can feel the shifts inside of me and the power of the work that we have done together. I already have a beautiful life and yet I was feeling stuck. I knew and now know with all my heart that there is so much more goodness and love to experience, to share and to sprinkle around the world.

I feel for the first time in a long time a real sense of deliberate movement and excitement around the idea of being open to beautiful things opening up for me in my life.

I so appreciate her willingness and ability to shine the light and facilitate the release of resistance – I feel all awash in glittering light 🙂

~Nancy Cohn, Life Enrichment Guide at Kulamira, California, USA

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