On Resistance and Divine Time

Coming back to the blog makes me feel like a bear coming out of hibernation…a bit sluggish and very hungry. Except I’m not hungry for food – I crave connection to share all the insights that have been brewing inside.

Where oh where have I been, you might be wondering?

For the past few months, I’ve been back here creating this new online space, getting even clearer on how I could help you move stuck energy and take intuitively inspired action. Have a look around if you haven’t already – the entire site has been spruced up with new images, clearer packages, and a more expansive energy!

Coupled with my creative play on the site, I’ve also been immersed in juicy trainings, diving deep into the world of hypnotherapy (as you can see by my new title!) as well as becoming a Certified Totemic Artist, an amazing course where I learned how animal totem wisdom can guide our intuition in fun and creative ways.

I expected to perhaps be away for a month, figuring I could balance it all in that time because – on paper – it really didn’t look like that much work.

But as often happens when we embark on anything meaningful, I hit resistance.

All of my practices kept me grounded, but my ego tried her damned best to run the show.

She made up stories about how I needed to change who I am and how I work and even who I work with to make a bigger impact in the world.

She questioned all of my choices to the point where I wasn’t even sure if I should be doing any of this at all.

And, I thought for sure she must be right…she seemed logical enough. So I entertained her ideas.

What if I stopped talking so much about intuition?

What if I just ignored it all completely?

But every time I tried to go a completely different direction or walk away from it completely, I felt my intuition tighten in my gut, what I’ve come to learn is my body’s way of saying “Hells no!”

So I realigned and got back to work…because sometimes the best antidote to resistance is pure and simple action.

I hadn’t gotten too far when my ego chimed in again, pulling out one of her oldest tricks, whispering:

“Why must you keep working so hard now? Doesn’t it all unfold in Divine time?”

Ooo, sneaky, sneaky ego. She had camouflaged herself as my intuitive voice by throwing around this idea that “Divine Time means we sit around and wait.”

And so, as always, I thanked her for she was indeed giving me an opportunity to take my own growth and understanding deeper as I explored what I truly believed.

Loud and clear, my intuition reminded me that:

Where there is resistance, there is room to grow, to move, to shift. That doesn’t mean rush or doing for the sake of doing, but it also doesn’t mean buying into the ego’s stories that to keep waiting is to follow Divine time.


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Breathe into this, fully, deeply.

Because from this perfect place in this perfect moment you have the CHOICE to change direction and take inspired action toward your goals.

This is what inspired action is all about. It doesn’t matter what you could have been doing for the past month, year, or lifetime – what matters is the NOW.

I invite you to ask yourself today, starting from the now, this moment of Divine time:

What will I accept and what will I choose to change today?

Share your answer below and if this post sparked something within you, I’d love for you to share it!

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