MyMiBoSo Meets: Omid Abtahi - Creating Peace from WithinEditor’s note: This post is part of the “MyMiBoSo Meets” interview series where I introduce you to remarkable individuals who have touched me with their ability to create balance with their Mind, Body, and Soul.

Our guest this week is the kind, funny, brilliant, and talented Omid Abtahi. Ok, I’m a little biased…he’s my best friend (who happens to be my man). But his ability to find ways to balance his mind, body, and soul despite working in the chaotic entertainment industry have inspired me to share his story.

I believe his words will resonate with you as well, so drop a line in the comments and join in on the conversation!

1. What does Mind, Body, and Soul balance mean to you?

I think it means when you’re happy, you’re not happy to the point where you are gloating to other people.  And when you’re sad, you’re not sad enough to where you make it all about yourself.  Or when you are angry, you don’t take it out on other people.

The word balance means peace to me.  To be at peace with oneself.  It’s a liberating feeling which I strive to feel on a more consistent basis.

2. What are some of the tools you use to create that balance?

Truthfully, I’m not really the kind of guy that can sit and be quiet and meditate that way.  I’ve tried it in the past and haven’t been able to achieve that level of “surrender” per se.  But what I do find is that I am able to achieve that “surrender” and that ability to meditate and be present when I am physically active.

For example, there is nothing in the world I love more than grabbing a basketball and going to the park and taking shots.  Time ceases to exist and I just shoot till my body tells me to stop and the entire time I have a clear mind.  Same goes for yoga.  I find this form of moving mediation absolutely key to helping me find balance.

If I am excited about a piece of news where I can’t wait to share it with the world, I’ll go to yoga.  And I’ll come out with a much more balanced perspective.  Or if I receive some bad news, I’ll do the same and come out much more calm and free of anxiety.

3. Are there any areas where you would like to bring more balance into your life?

I would like to find balance in my self-worth in between my acting jobs.  A lot of times when I see people they always ask me “what’s next?”  And a lot of times there is nothing next.  And it’s not a great feeling when you share that with people.

Granted I have become a lot better with it in recent years.  Loving myself through my highs and lows is the absolute key to finding happiness and balance in my life.

4. How are you working towards that?

I find that as long as I push myself to continue learning, I feel productive and can call it a great day.  Education, regardless of what it is I am learning (whether it be math, gardening, or painting) helps me feel fulfilled.

It really is the point of existence…to Grow.

5. When working with my holistic life coaching clients, I encourage a practice of gratitude to align the mind, body, and soul. What are three things you’re grateful for that are present in your life now?

This is easy.

I am grateful to have a wonderful family who loves and supports me.

To have an amazing girlfriend and who pushes me to be my best and nurtures me when I feel my worst.

To be blessed with an amazing network of friends, who feel like family to me.

All of the above, are much more important to me than my acting career but ultimately I am INCREDIBLY grateful to be doing what I love and making a living at it.

Omid in the City

Omid Abtahi is an actor, son, brother, boyfriend, friend, and other labels too numerous to list. To see more of him, click here.

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