Intuitive Truths behind Ego's Resistance to Doing the Work

Have you ever noticed how good you feel when you get something done…but how much resistance you have toward the simple act of getting started in the first place?

Oftentimes, the activity itself is actually pretty enjoyable, so the absence of pleasure isn’t what’s blocking you.

This is how I feel sometimes about getting into my yoga studio…especially on a hot day like we’ve been experiencing lately here in LA (holy heat wave!).

My mind starts trekking down excuse lane, and before I know it, I’ve spent so long in my head that I’ve missed all the classes for the day.

Then there are times when the activity isn’t the most enjoyable, but necessary in order to reach your big vision.

Paying the bills isn’t the most “fun” thing to do – but it’s a necessity if you want to enjoy what your bills are affording you (in this heat, I am making sure that air-con bill is paid on time, as being comfortable in my home and office most definitely feed into my big vision!).

For these actions, you have a couple of options:

  1. Connect deeply to your why and allow the power of the Big Vision to pull you through
  2. Delegate it, so it gets done without draining you of the energy you can invest in those areas of your own personal genius

Of course there are also times when the goal feels so big that overwhelm kicks in before you even begin.

This is how I sometimes feel about cleaning my house.

My house isn’t huge, but it has enough nooks and crannies to get pretty darn filthy and although I keep it swept up and wiped down, I can sure put off the deep clean like nobody’s business.

Again, that tricky mind starts doing what it does best – telling stories.

“It will take too long.”

“Your work is more important than a clean house.”

“You can get it done tomorrow.”

As I shared in this post, one of the best ways to deal with the ego’s stories is to acknowledge it, find the nugget of truth, and let go of anything that isn’t helpful.

So I applied that process here, sharing each of the Intuitive truths I learned from those resistance stories of my ego:


ego story #1: “It will take too long.” 


Yes, it could take several hours if I try to do it all at once…but the truth is, I don’t have to do it all at once. I know that every goal can be broken down into manageable chunks, and that once I get started, doing the work will become so much easier.

One of the big shifts in my life that has increased my productivity has been the awareness of my own energy cycles.

Here’s what I mean by that:

Our energy moves in cycles from the moment we wake until we lay our head down to rest.

For some of us, the more logical tasks come easier in the morning (checking emails, paying bills), whereas for others, the morning is the ideal time for our creative juices to flow (for those of us who write, now’s the time to do it!).

Our energy typically cycles through where we begin to naturally lose focus after while. For some, that might not be until after 4 or 5 hours…but if I’m being entirely honest, my sweet spot is about 2 hours – and after that, I get distracted. So instead of giving up altogether for the day, I just switch gears every couple of hours so that I honor my body’s own internal rhythm.


CLICK TO TWEET>> Intuitive truth: Release overwhelm by breaking down tasks into manageable chunks that align w/your body’s own energy flow. <<CLICK TO TWEET


ego story #2: “Your work is more important than a clean house.” 


Anytime, my mind delves into the realm of “more important/less important” I know it’s in a place of judgement, which isn’t bad in and of itself as long as I’m being clear on how I “weigh the scales.”

There is a time and a place for both work and cleaning in my life, so it becomes less about which is “more important” in the long-run and more about which choice is the best use of my time in this moment.

Of course, this might fall into the category of “delegate it” so that I can focus my energy elsewhere entirely, but this process gives me a clearer awareness of “what is” so that I can make that choice.


CLICK TO TWEET>> Intuitive truth: Release judgement and recognize that anything in life that feels worthwhile to you is worth your energy. <<CLICK TO TWEET


ego story #3: “You can get it done tomorrow.”


I speak a lot about the Power of Now, as Eckart Tolle’s book of the same name was one of the most mind-shifting ideas I have ever come across.

Now this doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for scheduling and planning and goal-setting; all of this is important to help us see the big picture and feel more grounded with our place in the world (for more on this, click here to learn how to bring more grace to your “to-do” lists).

However, when it comes to true experience and reality as we know it, it is all happening in this moment, and now is the only real time.

This is why a practice of mindfulness is so key to living a full and present life.

I explore this quite deeply with my coaching clients, but one step you can take to begin this practice today is to take a deep breath right now and ask yourself this question:

“Where do I feel intuitively called to invest my energy in this moment?”

And if you ever feel that overwhelm creeping in again, come back to this practice by taking another deep breath and asking your intuition this same question again…and again…and again.

Soon, the stopping and asking will become second nature and being here in the now will feel more like your default setting (and getting carried out of it a thing of the past).


CLICK TO TWEET>> Intuitive truth: Now is the only real time where we can experience life as it really is & take intuitively inspired action. <<CLICK TO TWEET


As I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, these Intuitive Truths apply to more than me cleaning my house; in fact, I believe they just might apply to you exactly where you are today with the choices that lay ahead of you.

So I would love to hear from you:

What is one small step you will take today toward your big vision?

Share your intention below along with any ego stories that try to creep in so that we can support each other as a community in creating our most intuitively guided lives.

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