When you’re stuck in overwhelm and anxiety, inspired action might feel like an impossible feat…because it is.

Action that is taken from a space of anxiety rarely results in movement in the direction you really want to go because your ego is running the show.

That’s why learning how to deal with anxiety is vital if you want to not only hear your intuition more clearly, but especially if you want to take action from it to fulfill your soul’s goals.

Get access to my FREE Chaos to Calm Course, where you will learn 3 powerful practices to rewire your brain so that you can shift your energy from chaos back to calm and align your life with your soul’s deeper purpose.


In this Free Training, you will learn:

  • A simple physical process that you can access anytime, anywhere to instantly shift your energy so that you can hear the wisdom of your intuition over the noise of your ego and then take action from those insights

  • A powerful method from the world of hypnosis to access the creative and intuitive part of your mind more easily and more deeply to ensure the action you’re taking is aligned with your deeper soul’s purpose

  • How to tap into and turn up confidence – or any other trait you neeed! – to live the life you most desire

What Others Are Saying About the Chaos To Calm Mini Course

I watched your first video right after you sent it because it fits perfectly with where I’m at right now, and it helped me quickly work through my anxiety with the unknowns of my job situation. I love the accessible exercise and will definitely be utilizing this tool again. Thank you for sharing such informative content!

Shelly Price

About Sabrina

About Sabrina

Living a life aligned with my intuition was not always my credo; rather, as a recovering perfectionist, my mind was habitually focused on the world’s definition of success and excellence, without a true understanding of what that could really look like without the anxiety and debilitating stress that seemed to come with it.

Discovering the power of hypnosis in my own life led me to train as a hypnotherapist and create my signature 3C Cycle of Change so that I could help others understand that there is a better way to fulfill what our hearts most desire: to follow the nudging of our souls and to do it all with more ease, no matter the challenges that come along the way.

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