Digging Deeper – A Practical Key to Manifestation

I grew up watching the film “The Jerk” with Steve Martin, as it was one of my dad’s all-time favorite comedies, and there is a line in that film that is delivered impeccably by Bernadette Peters:

“I don’t care about losing all the money. It’s losing all the stuff.”
~Marie (Bernadette Peters) to Navin (Steve Martin)

When it comes to manifesting abundance, I believe there’s some truth to that – that the money itself is just a tool to get something more – and that something more is usually “the stuff” in our lives.

But what if we took it a step deeper?

What if we recognized that it’s not just the physical “stuff” we’re really seeking, but rather the feeling that the stuff brings us?

I believe we crave and seek to manifest stuff (and experiences) because we are seeking to fulfill a deep yearning for a feeling we want to embody in our lives.

In my experience, understanding this principle is one of the keys to manifesting for 2 reasons:

  1. Understanding what feelings you are seeking roots you to the core of what you value in life and what really lights your soul up
  2. Understanding what feelings you want to create in the future also gives you a clearer connection to where you have the most direct influence in your life – your feelings in the NOW

Let’s say for example that I want to manifest a trip to Europe this year with my man (true story, by the way).

When I dig deep, I recognize that a trip to Europe would bring me the feelings of freedom, adventure, and a deep connection with my man.

Realizing that it’s not just about the trip to Europe, I am able to embrace the vision while releasing the attachment to the outcome.

I’m going to say it again – because it’s a biggie:

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Both parts – the vision and the release – are so key because the vision gives you the focus but the release allows you to do so with a knowing that the universe will provide what you desire – or something even better.

Sometimes we get so lost in the vision that we fail to recognize the gifts that are being handed to us along the way – simply because our egos are so stuck on only celebrating life when we obtain the specific “stuff” or experience we had in mind to begin with.

So where to begin?

With the now, of course, the only real time there is :).

When I begin to seek and express gratitude for all of the areas in my life where I am already free, adventurous, and connected to my man – right NOW – I raise my vibrations (or, in less “woo woo” terms, I simply feel better in those areas of my life).

Have you ever noticed how the simple act of “feeling better” in an area of your life opens your eyes to all of the gifts that are already present?

It’s a subtle shift at first, but make no mistake that like attracts like, and your good feelings are cozying up together to breed more good feelings.

I’d love to hear from you!

What is one thing or experience you’ve set your sights on manifesting right now?

Dig a little deeper and share what feelings you sense that thing or experience would bring into your life.

Finally, raise your vibrations by sharing in the comments below how you are already experiencing these feelings in your life in some way!

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