Perfectionism can be a GOOD thing.

Perfectionism can be a GOOD thing.

Imperfect perfectionist Sabrina in PJs

Where is perfectionism (or your fear of getting caught up in it) keeping you from showing up fully in your life?

On the flipside, have you ever thought about how the light side of perfectionism has actually helped you achieve what you might not have otherwise?

I believe every aspect of ourselves contains both a light and shadow side; we live in a world of duality after all, with two sides to every coin.

When we reject all aspects of perfectionism, we miss out on the light side of this trait that can inspire us to show up more fully in our lives.

In today’s 5-minute coaching video, I share a perspective that can help you shift your understanding of your own perfectionist tendencies (along with my own personal story of how I went from spending every morning putting rollers in my hair to leaving the house with nothing but pajamas on):

After watching, I would love to hear from you. How can you change the way you view this part of yourself so that you can feel a deeper connection to every aspect of your being?

Because I believe that it ALL serves…it’s just a matter of recognizing how.

As always, with love,


How to make a choice when you feel stuck in indecision

How to make a choice when you feel stuck in indecision

How to make a choice when you feel stuck in indecision


In life, we are often faced with complex decisions, and for many of us, it’s paralyzing when we can’t seem to just make a choice.

And let’s face it…making choices is the very nature of our day-to-day life.

Some choices come easier than others, but some of those choices are wrapped up in so many layers that we believe the direction we choose could forever alter the course of our lives, creating irreparable havoc on our path.

And I believe that there is only partial truth in this…every choice we make does alter the course, but often in ways that take us exactly where we need to be to learn and grow through life’s lessons.

The biggest fear that usually pops into mind when faced with one of these big decisions is:

What if I make the wrong choice?

To that question, I invite you to try on this instead:

What if there was no such thing as the wrong choice?

For it’s only when we shift perspective that we begin to see all sides of the challenges – AND opportunities – before us.


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It’s ALL energy, so your first priority is to shift your energy so that you can make the choice that feels most aligned for you in that moment.

This is why it is always my goal in my own life and when working with my coaching clients to guide them to release the heaviness around making that choice, because when you do, you feel lighter, more open, and ultimately less attached to the outcome.

One way to shift this energy is to work with the images in your mind to “defuse” the charge you feel around the possible outcomes from making the choice.

Our ego minds often take us to the extremes of the “worst possible scenario” when stuck in indecision, so rather than deny the images that pop up in our mind, it better serves us to actually work with them.

So read the below exercise (one of the many I guide my coaching and hypnotherapy clients through), then try it on for yourself:

Step 1: Close your eyes and allow yourself to think about that “worst possible scenario” and notice what image pops into mind (as our brain is always sending us little images and mini-movie clips connected to our thoughts and feelings)

Step 2: Begin to play with the image you see. Imagine it is on one of those old tube TVs. Change the image to black and white. See it as dark and fuzzy. And then finally send it all the way to the corner of the room where you need to squint to still see it.

Step 3: Now imagine that “best possible scenario” from making this choice and notice what image pops into mind.

Step 4: Charge that image up by making it panoramic, wrapped all around, Imax size so it fills an entire stadium. Turn up the brightness so it’s HD quality…then 3D quality so the image floats out of the screen so you could touch it.

Step 5: Float into that image, seeing what you see and hearing what you hear, and noticing how good it feels to embody that best case scenario.

Step 6: Then imagine floating back out, take a nice easy breath, and open your eyes.

Interesting how the mind and energy works, isn’t it?

From this new space, you will feel less charge around that fear and more empowered by the possibility – so the choice itself will often become clearer and much easier to make.

So TRUST yourself – and the Universe to support you.

Release illusion of control around the outcome.

And sink deeply into the now where everything is happening exactly as it’s meant to.

I’d love to hear from you: What did you notice when trying the exercise above? And what other tools or perspectives help you make a choice when stuck in indecision?


I believe so fully in the power of choice that the heart of my coaching practice focuses on guiding you to strengthen the ultimate “choice-maker” – your intuitive voice that can guide you through it all. If you need support strengthening yours, I invite you to learn more below about how I can help below:

On Resistance and Divine Time

On Resistance and Divine Time

On Resistance and Divine Time

Coming back to the blog makes me feel like a bear coming out of hibernation…a bit sluggish and very hungry. Except I’m not hungry for food – I crave connection to share all the insights that have been brewing inside.

Where oh where have I been, you might be wondering?

For the past few months, I’ve been back here creating this new online space, getting even clearer on how I could help you move stuck energy and take intuitively inspired action. Have a look around if you haven’t already – the entire site has been spruced up with new images, clearer packages, and a more expansive energy!

Coupled with my creative play on the site, I’ve also been immersed in juicy trainings, diving deep into the world of hypnotherapy (as you can see by my new title!) as well as becoming a Certified Totemic Artist, an amazing course where I learned how animal totem wisdom can guide our intuition in fun and creative ways.

I expected to perhaps be away for a month, figuring I could balance it all in that time because – on paper – it really didn’t look like that much work.

But as often happens when we embark on anything meaningful, I hit resistance.

All of my practices kept me grounded, but my ego tried her damned best to run the show.

She made up stories about how I needed to change who I am and how I work and even who I work with to make a bigger impact in the world.

She questioned all of my choices to the point where I wasn’t even sure if I should be doing any of this at all.

And, I thought for sure she must be right…she seemed logical enough. So I entertained her ideas.

What if I stopped talking so much about intuition?

What if I just ignored it all completely?

But every time I tried to go a completely different direction or walk away from it completely, I felt my intuition tighten in my gut, what I’ve come to learn is my body’s way of saying “Hells no!”

So I realigned and got back to work…because sometimes the best antidote to resistance is pure and simple action.

I hadn’t gotten too far when my ego chimed in again, pulling out one of her oldest tricks, whispering:

“Why must you keep working so hard now? Doesn’t it all unfold in Divine time?”

Ooo, sneaky, sneaky ego. She had camouflaged herself as my intuitive voice by throwing around this idea that “Divine Time means we sit around and wait.”

And so, as always, I thanked her for she was indeed giving me an opportunity to take my own growth and understanding deeper as I explored what I truly believed.

Loud and clear, my intuition reminded me that:

Where there is resistance, there is room to grow, to move, to shift. That doesn’t mean rush or doing for the sake of doing, but it also doesn’t mean buying into the ego’s stories that to keep waiting is to follow Divine time.


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Breathe into this, fully, deeply.

Because from this perfect place in this perfect moment you have the CHOICE to change direction and take inspired action toward your goals.

This is what inspired action is all about. It doesn’t matter what you could have been doing for the past month, year, or lifetime – what matters is the NOW.

I invite you to ask yourself today, starting from the now, this moment of Divine time:

What will I accept and what will I choose to change today?

Share your answer below and if this post sparked something within you, I’d love for you to share it!

Why Our Souls Crave Inspired Action

Why Our Souls Crave Inspired Action

Why Our Souls Crave Inspired Action

We live in a busy, busy world.

So many of us feel disconnected from our purpose, and we yearn for stillness, a little space to reconnect with our true selves.

But there has been a shift – we are reclaiming our sanity amidst the chaos.

We see it with the rising popularity of yoga and meditation – mindfulness has become a buzz word that is no longer reserved for the fringes of society and has made its way into collective consciousness.

These are blessings as we embrace this idea of balance…it’s not a myth, as some may believe.

That’s because balance is a practice and not a static state.

A balanced life doesn’t necessarily mean all the spheres of your life are in perfect balance at once but rather that attention is given to those areas that are most important in that moment and that you allow those priorities to naturally shift.

We create balance when we come home to the stillness within…when we simply be. We are after all human be-ings, a truth that I believe society at large has gotten a bit away from.

However, there is a paradox that we must come to terms with, as I do not believe that taking action is against our nature either…in fact, it is entwined in the very fabric of our being as we are co-creators of this experience in life.

Simply put, in order to create, we must take action…but not any old action.


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How then do we choose action that is from our Spirit, as that is what “inspired” means after all? (more…)

Intuitive Truths behind Ego’s Resistance to Doing the Work

Intuitive Truths behind Ego’s Resistance to Doing the Work

Intuitive Truths behind Ego's Resistance to Doing the Work

Have you ever noticed how good you feel when you get something done…but how much resistance you have toward the simple act of getting started in the first place?

Oftentimes, the activity itself is actually pretty enjoyable, so the absence of pleasure isn’t what’s blocking you.

This is how I feel sometimes about getting into my yoga studio…especially on a hot day like we’ve been experiencing lately here in LA (holy heat wave!).

My mind starts trekking down excuse lane, and before I know it, I’ve spent so long in my head that I’ve missed all the classes for the day.

Then there are times when the activity isn’t the most enjoyable, but necessary in order to reach your big vision.

Paying the bills isn’t the most “fun” thing to do – but it’s a necessity if you want to enjoy what your bills are affording you (in this heat, I am making sure that air-con bill is paid on time, as being comfortable in my home and office most definitely feed into my big vision!).

For these actions, you have a couple of options:

  1. Connect deeply to your why and allow the power of the Big Vision to pull you through
  2. Delegate it, so it gets done without draining you of the energy you can invest in those areas of your own personal genius

Of course there are also times when the goal feels so big that overwhelm kicks in before you even begin.

This is how I sometimes feel about cleaning my house.

My house isn’t huge, but it has enough nooks and crannies to get pretty darn filthy and although I keep it swept up and wiped down, I can sure put off the deep clean like nobody’s business.

Again, that tricky mind starts doing what it does best – telling stories.

“It will take too long.”

“Your work is more important than a clean house.”

“You can get it done tomorrow.”

As I shared in this post, one of the best ways to deal with the ego’s stories is to acknowledge it, find the nugget of truth, and let go of anything that isn’t helpful.

So I applied that process here, sharing each of the Intuitive truths I learned from those resistance stories of my ego: (more…)

Digging Deeper – A Practical Key to Manifestation

Digging Deeper – A Practical Key to Manifestation

Digging Deeper – A Practical Key to Manifestation

I grew up watching the film “The Jerk” with Steve Martin, as it was one of my dad’s all-time favorite comedies, and there is a line in that film that is delivered impeccably by Bernadette Peters:

“I don’t care about losing all the money. It’s losing all the stuff.”
~Marie (Bernadette Peters) to Navin (Steve Martin)

When it comes to manifesting abundance, I believe there’s some truth to that – that the money itself is just a tool to get something more – and that something more is usually “the stuff” in our lives.

But what if we took it a step deeper?

What if we recognized that it’s not just the physical “stuff” we’re really seeking, but rather the feeling that the stuff brings us?

I believe we crave and seek to manifest stuff (and experiences) because we are seeking to fulfill a deep yearning for a feeling we want to embody in our lives.

In my experience, understanding this principle is one of the keys to manifesting for 2 reasons:

  1. Understanding what feelings you are seeking roots you to the core of what you value in life and what really lights your soul up
  2. Understanding what feelings you want to create in the future also gives you a clearer connection to where you have the most direct influence in your life – your feelings in the NOW

Let’s say for example that I want to manifest a trip to Europe this year with my man (true story, by the way).

When I dig deep, I recognize that a trip to Europe would bring me the feelings of freedom, adventure, and a deep connection with my man.

Realizing that it’s not just about the trip to Europe, I am able to embrace the vision while releasing the attachment to the outcome.

I’m going to say it again – because it’s a biggie:

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Both parts – the vision and the release – are so key because the vision gives you the focus but the release allows you to do so with a knowing that the universe will provide what you desire – or something even better.

Sometimes we get so lost in the vision that we fail to recognize the gifts that are being handed to us along the way – simply because our egos are so stuck on only celebrating life when we obtain the specific “stuff” or experience we had in mind to begin with.

So where to begin?

With the now, of course, the only real time there is :).

When I begin to seek and express gratitude for all of the areas in my life where I am already free, adventurous, and connected to my man – right NOW – I raise my vibrations (or, in less “woo woo” terms, I simply feel better in those areas of my life).

Have you ever noticed how the simple act of “feeling better” in an area of your life opens your eyes to all of the gifts that are already present?

It’s a subtle shift at first, but make no mistake that like attracts like, and your good feelings are cozying up together to breed more good feelings.

I’d love to hear from you!

What is one thing or experience you’ve set your sights on manifesting right now?

Dig a little deeper and share what feelings you sense that thing or experience would bring into your life.

Finally, raise your vibrations by sharing in the comments below how you are already experiencing these feelings in your life in some way!

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