The Upside of Worry

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength.
~Corrie Ten Boom

We are all familiar with the many downsides of worry; it is defined as “praying for what you don’t want” for good reason.

And for the most part, I would agree; when the emotion of worry becomes excessive, we focus all of our awareness on the worst possible outcome, leaving us stuck in a fog and unable to take those steps forward to heal and grow through the lessons our souls are presenting to us (albeit sometimes in messy packages).

But through my journey, I have come to understand that worry is of the little mind, aka our ego, and like all things that stem from little mind, it is here to give us an opportunity to grow and expand.


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The tricky thing with emotions and even our thoughts is that they are a part of us – but they are not who we are at our core.

So the upside of worry and all of those emotions we deem “bad” or undesirable is that they are guideposts – signs to those parts of our lives that crave healing and compassionate awareness.

It then becomes a delicate dance as we learn how to honor our emotions and thoughts – including the worrisome kind – without attachment and with a sense of curiosity instead.

Taken a step further, when we worry about something in life, we are reminded that it is important to us, even if the future is tangled up in a web of uncertainty.

In that sense, worry is a gift – we can essentially “thank our worry” for reminding us what we find most valuable in any given moment (whether that’s the health of loved ones, living up to our highest potential in our careers, or connecting more deeply in intimate relationships).

Recognizing this upside to worry – indeed, to everything in your experience – I invite you to shift the energy behind it so that it can become more useful in your life by asking yourself these questions:

Where is the love?

Under every fear there is love or a call for love so allow yourself to refocus on that aspect first. This can be as simple as remembering that the worry crept up in the first place because there is an element of something you love being threatened. So how can you simply embrace that which you love in THIS moment – rather than worrying about it being taken away in the next?

Where is my power?

We live in a co-creative Universe, so your power is best accessed when you focus on the essence of what you desire, rather than getting wrapped up in external circumstances or other people’s actions. Connect to the energy of what you want, while releasing the “form” that it has to take – because the Universe often has even bigger and better plans that you might imagine.

What will I choose?

With awareness comes choice, and you have the power to choose possibility over worry when you’ve recognized the current of love underneath of it all. And what is possible might surprise you when you begin to shift your thoughts from the worst possible scenario back toward a trust of an ever-expanding, all- abundant Universe that always has your back.

I’ve been given many opportunities to practice this in my own life, especially recently as one of my little dogs has been diagnosed with lymphoma.

Like any mama who feels the safety of her “baby” being threatened, I immediately experienced a flood of worry, grasping for answers to soothe my confusion.

Once I was able to recognize that my deep level of worry simply correlated to my deep level of love for her, I focused as much as possible on that love to shift my energy around it.

My power then freed up when I recognized that the essence of my desire was to live in the present moment and enjoy a deep quality of life, regardless of what’s going on around me. So I keep coming back to the now again and again appreciating more deeply the time that we do have together rather than the time that we don’t.

By shifting back to my place of power, I can see more clearly what my choices really are. I can choose to support my little dog with whatever feels right in the moment, releasing the attachment to the outcome.

Ultimately, I can choose once again to trust…in my Higher self, in her soul’s journey, and in an infinite Universe.

This experience has taught me that worry is a part of life, and not altogether a bad thing; every emotion has its place as we grow stronger each time we learn how to process that which is out of our control while accepting and changing that which is.

I’d love to hear from you: Where is the love, your power, and a different choice around something that is worrying you today?