The Moral of the Story

“And the moral of the story is…”

That’s how my mom and I ended our conversation yesterday on the phone.

You see, my mom is a Kindergarten teacher, and the simple wisdom she teaches her students never ceases to amaze me – last night’s lesson being no different.

Her class is participating in an evening of storytelling tonight, and my mom was sharing with me the story that she will be reading to her students (dressed up as a character from the book of course!).

This story is about a happy go lucky dog who is meandering along with a bone in his mouth, and, as is often the case with dogs, without a care in the world.

The dog comes upon a bridge over a river, and as he crosses, he looks down to see another dog with a bone in his mouth.

Of course, now seeing that he could have TWO bones instead of one, he forgets how happy he was before, and dives in after that other dog to retrieve the other bone.

As he splashes into the river, he loses the bone he had, and the “other dog” magically vanishes.

How often have you been the dog with the bone, forgetting your own happiness the moment you covet what someone else has?

Perhaps your story is different right now, and the morals are lessons that are specific to whatever it is you need to learn in this moment. If so, how can you tap into the power of stories and metaphors to best learn and grow?


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Metaphors communicate with us on a deeper level by speaking directly to our subconscious minds, where the language is less direct, and you may have noticed that I use a lot of metaphors in the posts that I share here on the blog for this reason.

I take this even deeper by guiding my coaching clients to tap into the power of metaphors in their own lives, and here is one simple process to learn the “moral of the story” through whatever life’s lesson you’re currently growing through:

1. Close your eyes and take one big cleansing breath, getting into the body to bring clarity to the mind

2. Tune into that feeling of anxiety in your body and allow your intuition to guide you to where it is located (even if it’s not a “strong” body feeling, focus on whichever area pops into your mind first)

3. Now fill in the blank:

This feeling of anxiety in my ___________ {insert area of body here} feels as if ________________ {fill in the blank with the first metaphor that pops into your mind}

For example:

This feeling of anxiety in my belly feels as if there is a swarm of angry bees trapped in a log, buzzing and stinging as they try to break free.

4. Based on whatever metaphor intuitively popped into your mind, ask yourself:

What needs to happen in order for this to change?

So, for the example above, a powerful queen bee needs to find the hole in the log and guide them out.

5. Close your eyes again and imagine that change taking place within your body.

6. Tune back into your body and notice if anything else still needs to shift or if the anxiety has dissipated.

7. Now come back to that metaphor and ask yourself:

What is the moral of the story?

In the example above, the anxiety of the swarming angry bees reminds me of the swarming anxious thoughts popping around in my mind; the Queen Bee is me, albeit the most powerful version of me, stepping in to free those anxious thoughts.

8. Now, with the moral of the story in mind, what is one inspired action step you can take in life based on the lesson learned?

Just like the bees become happier once free, so will my thoughts and ideas once I free them out of my mind; my solution then simply becomes setting aside 2 hours to free write all of my current ideas to give myself more room for clarity.

By tuning into the mind and body and recognizing the metaphors within, we can make powerful change and truly live out the “moral of the story” in our lives.

I would love to hear from you!

What is the moral of your story, and what is the one inspired action step you’re going to take to make that change in your life?

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