Take What You Need

Every spiritual teacher will remind you of the virtues of giving, but how often are we reminded of the value in taking?

Taking so often implies greed & selfishness, two characteristics we understandably seek to avoid…but love can guide all of our actions, and the act of taking is no different.

So many of us feel drained physically and energetically because we are giving what we don’t have.

We are trying to carry the weight of the world – or at least that of our own personal “worlds” – on our shoulders, and we feel guilty when we take pause to recharge and ask our body and soul “what do you need?”

But the truth is, the Universe wants to shower us with gifts, and taking those gifts is simply our willingness to show up with an open heart and open hands to reach for what we desire.

Not only does the Universe have your back, but it wants you to live the most fulfilling life that is possible for you, and you simply cannot live a full life when you are not taking what you need.

We can release the guilt because we aren’t taking from others, buying into the fear that surrounds a lack mentality. In fact, when we remember that the Universe is abundant, we can freely take from that infinite well of love and energy that is Source.

So how do you access that infinite well of energy, and take what you need?

1. Declare it to the Universe

This can be as simple as a prayer spoken silently or aloud, letting the Universe know exactly what you need in this moment. One of the biggest gifts we were given in this life was free will, but many of us forget this and wonder why help isn’t forthcoming, when the truth is, we just haven’t asked yet.


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2. Create a habit of taking

It’s vital we don’t let our well run dry before we dip in and fill it back up, and a scheduled practice of connecting to Source to receive what is ours can help us avoid this situation.

This is why I practice “Soul Hour” – a dedicated time each and every day to reconnect to what my soul needs.

Some days this might mean meditating under my big sycamore in the backyard and others it means walking my dogs to the park down the street to commune with our friends the squirrels – taking a moment (if not necessarily a full hour each day) to honor that chime when my Soul Hour alarm goes off with an intuitive action that reconnects me to Source.


3. Enlist the power of extreme appreciation

Deep appreciation for all that we are given – and all that we have taken! – raises our vibrations so that our manifesting antennae are tuned into attracting more of the same.

So with immense gratitude and appreciation, thank the Universe for the gifts…and then lovingly expect miracles as you are showered with even more.

I’d love to hear from you! How will you practicing taking what you deserve and dipping into that infinite stream of love and energy from the Universe today?