Welcome beautiful soul!

My name is Sabrina Bolin, and I am a Soul Alignment Coach and Hypnotherapist.
I am truly honored to meet you and am looking forward to reawakening the power of your mind as you listen more deeply to the voice of your soul
Watch the short 6 minute video below to learn more about my process and how it can help you create the life your soul intended:

I have worked with hypnotherapists and people who have called themselves intuitive coaches in the past, but working with Sabrina was quite frankly more powerful than I expected. She used her intuition to draw upon her advanced training in both the field of hypnosis and several modalities of energy work to create an experience where I was able to more deeply integrate what I have been working toward in my life with old energy that had previously been holding me back. I recommend working with her if you’re looking for more than just clarity but a deeper energetic shift on a soul level.

Mel Holtz