Secret Desires

I would not be where I am without my amazing support system – the teachers, coaches, mentors, and friends who keep me on track in both my spiritual and entrepreneurial work. In fact, I truly trust these women (and men) with my heart’s desires, digging deep together to explore, to be held accountable, to be kept on track.

But as much as I love transparency, I don’t share everything…I have my secrets.

And I believe it’s not only ok but actually sacred to have secret desires that are for you and you alone.

This might sound completely contradictory to the message I usually share – to claim your dreams, loud and proud, for the Universe and anyone else listening to hear.

So let me paint a picture to explain:

Any given moment contains unlimited possible future moments; the one that you experience is the one you pay attention to.

And sometimes sharing our secret wishes before they’re fully formed gives others unspoken permission to give you their “advice.”

And sometimes their good intentions go awry when they try to “protect” you from the failure of that dream not coming to fruition – talking “sense” into you so that you can focus on something that doesn’t threaten their sense of self and what’s possible.

And sometimes you aren’t fully tapped into the strength to protect that secret wish…so you simply let it go away.


So how do you know when to share your desires and when to hold them as secrets?

As always, tune in and ask your intuition.

You will get a sense of a need to nurture and protect if that secret desire is still in its infancy.

You might even feel a little unclear on the details but have a strong knowing that it must happen – even though you don’t understand “how” it will work out quite yet.

You’ll feel more feminine than masculine, receptive to those signs from the Universe to point you rather than driven to focus all of your energy and get it out there.

But whether your intuition says “be still and nurture this” or “let the energy flow and manifest this now,” it is paramount to HONOR that desire either way.

Sometimes we refuse to even acknowledge our desires, thinking them too “big” or “unrealistic” but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is that thought or idea lights you up for a reason: you are the one who is meant to bring it forth into the world.


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Even if we aren’t meant to share them with everyone, our secret desires deserve a home.

Because there is one person you should never keep secrets from…yourself.

So get out a piece of paper or your journal today – better yet, right now – and write down that secret desire that has been floating around inside your head.

If your intuition leads you to keep it secret – for now – I invite you to ask the Universe to send you the people, circumstances, and insights you need for that secret desire to grow and become more formed.

And most importantly, stay present because as much as I honor secret desires, I don’t believe they are meant to be held in secret forever.

There will a come a time when the energy shifts and you will have the clarity, confidence, and strength to take the inspired action you need to make that secret desire a reality.

I’d love to hear from you:

Do you have a secret desire right now that you’ve yet to even fully share with yourself? Or has your intuition ever led you to take that secret desire into the world – and how did you know it was time?