Soul: Now is the Only Time - Embracing the Power of Now

I truly believe that NOW is the only time.

This belief was reaffirmed recently for me, and, more importantly, caused me to ask myself how I would live my life differently given this truth.

The Vision

During a recent meditation, my consciousness was gifted with a vision of what time might be.

I saw the now, this present moment, bright and clear.

I saw the past and future as visions side-by-side to the present, rather then in front of and behind, as we might typically envision and experience it.

And then, the most magical thing happened…

The past and the future melted into the present moment, with past, present, and future existing simultaneously in the now.

What If…

Ok, I know it might sound a bit “out there,” but before you reject this completely, I invite you to open your mind for a moment to explore the possibility.

Really ask yourself, how would I live my life under this truth?

Would I tell absolutely everyone I love that I love them (and even some of those I don’t?)?

Would I let go of worry and regret and embrace all that is?

Would I create from the absolute depths of my soul, releasing what anyone else might think of it?

Would I speak my truth, loud and clear?

What would I do?

What would you do?

Focus on the Now

When I focus on the now, I begin to embrace each day as a gift…even the seemingly painful ones.

When I focus on the now, my body is fed when its hungry, moved when its restless, rested when it’s tired.

When I focus on the now, I have a clearer perspective as to how past experiences have led to my soul’s growth in the present moment and how I’m able to continue to grow through future ones.

“Your outer journey may contain a million steps; your inner journey only has one: the step you are taking right now.” ~Eckhart Tolle

A Way of Life

But living in this body means I also live with this ego; and this ego thinks it’s protecting me when it tries to take me out of the present moment.

Choosing to live in the now becomes a practice…a way of life.

Here are just a few ways that I’ve chosen to keep present moment awareness at the top of my consciousness:


The yogis (and dad!) were right on the money with this one; anytime you feel disconnected from this moment, simply take 10 deep breaths.

I’ll admit in this day and age of go, go, go, this practice might seem more difficult to honor, but that’s just because it goes against what society is choosing…so be a rebel, slow down, and breathe.


Myth: You must sit for hours on end to create a meaningful meditation practice.

Truth: You can meditate in as few as 5 minutes a day.

Although most studies focus on 20 minutes as that “sweet spot,” consistency is more important than length of time when it comes to this practice.

Show up every day and create the space to remember what it feels like to live in the now, and it will become easier to do so when you least expect it.

Seek Mindful Moments

Our brains are these amazing machines that can produce the most incredible outputs when we simply give them the right inputs.

So each time we come back to the present is one more opportunity to train our brains to stay present in every moment.

A simple way to approach this is to let every little sound from your wonderful world of technology to serve as a reminder.

Each incoming tweet…take a breath and connect to the now.

Each new email…another blissful now moment.

Even an incoming phone call can give us the chance to stay connected with one simple breath.

Your Life, in the Now

There are many more ways to connect to the now, and it’s my intention that the three practices above will serve to guide you if you’re just getting started and if the power of now is a belief you feel would also serve you in your life.

But of course, these aren’t the only ones…what other practices have you found work for you in your quest to stay connected to the now?

And if this is a belief you’ve already adopted, how as the power of the present moment served you in your life?

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