A Fresh Start

Sometimes, no matter how well we organize, how intently we plan, how hard we work…things don’t go the way we expect them to. Sometimes, we just need to make peace with what is and embrace a fresh start.

I was reminded of this lesson quite recently…just a few days ago to be exact.

You might remember me mention that I was creating a new website for MyMiBoSo. This was an undertaking that I had begun about 3 months ago with the intention of creating a more welcoming space for my visitors to get insights and love, whenever they needed it the most, as well as give more clarity around what I offer my clients as a life coach.

I had set goals for myself to launch my new site by a certain date, and those goals kept getting pushed forward a month…and another…and another, until I realized I could no longer push my launch date forward because my own sense of integrity simply wouldn’t let me.

I had promised my readers (and myself!) a new website, so that was exactly what I was going to give them.

The 31st of December rolls around, and I realize that this is it – the time is NOW. If I was going to honor my word and launch this site by the new year, today was the day to wrap it all up.

So I hustled and got into my flow, seeing the end in sight, until 4 AM on New Year’s Day when it felt complete. My masterpiece was finished, so to speak…or at least as finished as I wanted it to be for the launch (as my dad often reminds me, “the final edit is never done”).

I had a 7 AM appointment so I got a few hours of sleep (a lot fewer than my body usually prefers), and was looking forward to one last step before sending the exciting announcement that MyMiBoSo was ready to share with the world.

And that’s where it seemingly feel apart.

What should have been a relatively simple process got ridiculously tangled, to the point where it looked like I had lost not only my NEW website but also all of the old one.

That one last step proved to be the universe’s call for me to wake back up and re-learn my lesson on expectations as my ego grabbed the situation and tried to crush me with it, spinning me out of control with doomsday thinking.

But fortunately the work that I have lovingly done for my own growth allowed me to still hear that small voice of my intuition, reminding me that:

a) No one was hurt

b) A lack of sleep makes everything weigh heavier on my mind

c) It all really would work out, even if I didn’t understand HOW right then

And then the universe and my intuition reminded me of one more beautiful truth while out taking an evening walk with my man:

This perceived “tragedy” was truly my opportunity for a fresh start.

How often do we really recognize what a gift a fresh start can be in our lives?

So often we chug along, thinking we’re “on track,” but in reality we are missing opportunities to stretch, to grow.

But what does a fresh start really mean?

CLICK TO TWEET>> A fresh start means you have the opportunity to hit the reset button in your mind & make peace with what is.<<CLICK TO TWEET

So much of our conflict in life comes from arguing with what is (one of the foundations of Byron Katie’s message), and we can create our own fresh start when we choose to remember and take action on this truth.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t create change in our life, but it does mean that we can initiate and embrace change with more ease and grace. From that space of acceptance, your energy is more aligned and your head becomes clear enough to take inspired action toward something new.

So with my fresh start in thinking, I was able to come back to my website with a clearer mind and better energy, accepting exactly “what is” before trying to move forward. In doing so I was able to pick up the pieces, and after many hours of work with my tech support team, I was able to not only move forward, but do so from a place of peace.

So welcome, my kind readers, to the new, freshened up MyMiBoSo website!

I would love to hear from you!

Is there one area in your life right now where you are mentally and energetically resisting what is, to the point that it has muddled your clarity and ability to move forward?

What might it look like for you to embrace a fresh start and new way of thinking by embracing what is before trying to move onto something new?

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