Melissa Tiers on The Incredible Power of the Mind

“We’re living in an amazing time where we’re finding out just how malleable and changeable we really are.”

~Melissa Tiers

The first book I ever purchased on the topic of hypnosis was recommended to me by dear friend and fellow hypnotherapist, Melany Cohen, who rang me up and said:

“Sabrina, you have to read this book by Melissa Tiers – it’s called Integrative Hypnosis, and it covers just about everything you need to know to understand how all this stuff works.”

I took her advice to heart and ordered a copy on Amazon…and was blown away.

Since then I’ve become an über fan of Melissa’s work, investing in her next 2 books, The Anti-Anxiety Toolkit and Keeping the Brain in Mind, as well as enrolling and graduating from her virtual e-course on Coaching the Unconscious Mind and her live intensive in New York City Integrative Hypnosis.

So when Melissa agreed to let me interview her on the power of the mind and where the neuroscience supports the work I do as an intuitive coach and hypnotherapist, I was giddy to say the least!

We’re truly lucky in this day and age, as we haven’t always lived in a time where the mind-body (and mind-body-soul!) connection was so readily accepted and studied under a microscope.

In fact, at the very top of our interview, Melissa shares a great story about an experience she had 12 years ago when she was training a group of doctors in subconscious mind techniques. One in particular kept questioning the whole idea of Mind-Body medicine, and Melissa’s response to him is priceless as she provides indisputable evidence of one way most adults experience the mind-body connection every day (you have to watch the video for her explanation!).

Her wit, intelligence, and passion for the subject shines through as we sat down over Skype to talk about the past, present, and future of how we work with the mind to change our lives – here are a just few of the highlights:

  • Down to the cellular level, mind is there.
  • We can rewire our brains faster than we ever thought possible.
  • Our brains do NOT stop changing at a certain age.
  • Unconscious implicit memories that went in at a young age are now changeable.
  • It’s as easy as creating alternative connections and pathways to old behaviors.
  • Neuroplasticity is showing how we can literally change our past by changing our memories.
  • Science is catching up to energy psychology and recognizing just how energetic we are.

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Without further ado, meet Melissa Tiers:



The conversation gets a bit technical at times (I’m a geek for science but recognize not everyone shares this with me!), so I wanted to further explain the two areas that are exciting her most:

Melissa talks about memory reconsolidation as the explanation behind why certain techniques in NLP and Integrative Hypnosis (two of the processes I’m trained in through her) actually change the synapses in your brain. From her book, Keeping the Brain in Mind, she explains it further:

“Memory reconsolidation refers to the idea that each time a past event (an “episodic memory”) is remembered, it is stored in a slightly different way depending on what else was in the mind at the time the memory was recalled. The thoughts being thought and the experiences behind had when that memory is recalled become linked to it so that the next time the memory is recalled, those thoughts and experiences may also appear.”

So what does this mean in a practical sense? It means that your memories are always changing depending on how you recall them, so you have a choice and the power to turn “bad” memories into more helpful – and sometimes, even GOOD – ones!

Melissa also mentions epigenetics, which is the science studying our ability to turn on and off gene expression…that’s right, the age-old nature versus nurture conversation is leaning even more in favor of nurture these days, as we have more power than we realized to reduce the potential for certain traits and diseases!

Can you imagine a world where we truly begin tapping into our fullest potential? Where disease is a thing of the past, and we’ve learned to look past the limitations we experience in our lives?

It’s pretty exciting to see the ways that the future is already happening NOW, as we step more fully into this possibility every day.

I hope Melissa’s work has inspired you the way she has inspired me; to learn more from her, visit her website at The Center for Integrative Hypnosis by clicking here.

We would love to hear from you: How have you directly experienced the power of the mind in your life?

Join the conversation in the comments below!

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