Manifesting Growth through Surrender (aka The Unexpected Surprise at my Mountain Retreat)

In the world of manifestation, we tend to focus a lot of energy and intention on a specific vision of what we are creating – and for good reason.

Our thoughts truly do affect our experience in a very powerful way, and so, when we are looking to manifest, it’s important to let our imaginations run wild, dreaming the biggest and best possible dreams and following that vision out in vivid detail.

However, the universe usually has something even better in mind if we simply allow it.

This is where our egos struggle a bit, as it wants to hold onto that specific vision and then make us feel bad when things don’t go exactly as planned.

We have to have faith and surrender to those circumstances out of our control in order to experience the best possible outcome for our souls.

I learned this lesson again recently on a retreat I had manifested for myself to get out of the city to do some healing and writing, as I set off on a journey that took me on mountain highways over 3000 feet high with nothing but solid white fog surrounding me.

When I arrived at Randy Bruck’s lakeside oasis, I was greeted with a smudge and chime to cleanse my energy upon entering…the magic had begun, and this retreat was turning out to be just as I imagined it would be and exactly what I had planned when manifesting it.

I relaxed, wrote in my journal, received remote energy work from another healer, then indulged myself with a 2 hour energy healing and massage with Randy. The evening was capped off with a delicious meal with my host, and I retired to my room to continue writing in my journal, thinking to myself “what an absolutely perfect retreat.”

I awoke the next day early with a desire to squeeze in as much writing as I could as I was set to depart from my mini retreat that day, and I noticed how light it looked outside, thinking to myself how beautifully bright the mountains are in the morning.

But upon drawing back the curtains, I saw more than just the bright mountain sky…the entire mountain landscape had transformed from bright green to snow white overnight.

I was delighted! That is, until my EGO stepped in…

This wasn’t the plan! This isn’t my vision for the perfect retreat!

I was set to drive back to Los Angeles that day, and I couldn’t get stuck here in this cabin in the middle of nowhere when I had weekend plans, places to go, people to see!

Panic set in.

My gratitude disappeared and I became withdrawn. Worst yet, my boyfriend had just confirmed his travel schedule for work and it looked like he was going to fly out without me being able to kiss him goodbye or see him for a week.

I’m not proud to say this, but…I threw myself a pity party.

Gone was the magic from the snow. Gone the warmth from the crackling fire.

All replaced with a frown and my unwillingness to surrender to what is.

I knew that I didn’t want to stay stuck miserable – sending all that miserable energy into the world – so I remembered the work that I do with my coaching clients and focused on these 3 key steps to surrender to the moment and bring myself back into alignment:

1.    Connection

As much as we don’t want to burden others with our misery, sometimes the absolute best thing we can do is reach out and connect with someone who knows and loves us deeply.

For me this was my man, and our Facetime chat reminded me that even though I might not be there to say goodbye to him physically, I would certainly be there energetically.

Plus, he always knows how to make me laugh, and I find that is an instant energy shift to surrender!

2.    Gratitude

I have a daily gratitude practice where I journal out what I’m thankful for each night before I go to sleep, but this experience called for a mid-day check-in – stat.

Ironically the first thing I noticed and expressed gratitude for was the snow – the same weather I was cursing earlier.

And it had a ripple effect…again, I saw the absolute beauty in my natural surroundings and the coziness of my retreat space.

I also looked at the pages and pages of writing that flowed through me – writing that felt blocked just a couple of days earlier.

3.    Consciousness

It was time to practice consciousness – true present moment awareness.

I was not in the present moment when I worried about the future – how I was going to drive in the snow, fulfill my weekend scheduling commitments, and spend one last night with my man before he took off.

I was also making the mistake of seeking meaning for the events outside of myself.

You see I truly believe that part of the “control” we have as co-creators and manifestors is this:

Click to tweet>> We can create meaning out of any situation, rather than wait for a magical messenger to deliver it to us. <<Click to tweet

It is not always easy…in fact, it usually is NOT easy.

But by having a little faith in the universe and surrendering to what is, we can truly manifest what’s important: our soul’s growth.

I would love to hear from you! What tools have you used to bring yourself back into a space of surrender when things don’t go as planned?

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