How Intention Setting Can Change the Way You Approach Everything

Happy New Year – and new MOMENT – to you!

On New Year’s Eve this year, my dear friend and colleague Shari Alexander texted to ask what I would be doing for the holiday; first, I shared with her the image above, my DIY NYE Intention Setting Ceremony recipe that I had shared with my tribes on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and then I took it a little deeper in my reply to her (the below copied and pasted directly from that text conversation):

I’ve spent many New Years alone and they were honestly some of my best memories…granted I’m an introvert, but still, I loved that I was able to choose exactly what energy I brought from this year into the next. Since you have such a productive day, it will be perfect for you to wind down with a little ceremony by yourself if you choose.

Here’s what I would do:

I would cozy up with a candle, tea, and journal or paper (and possibly calendar if I need to jog my memory). Start with a little meditation to be open and clear, letting go the busyness of the day.

Then I go through each month and tune into all I want to honor and celebrate and write it out, perhaps even writing out “I honor _______” FITB, focusing on the essence. For example, maybe I’m not excited about my ending “sales numbers” but I did impact several new people, so I focus on the impact.

Then I would go back through and honor those areas where I still yearn to grow – such as grounding myself, learning how to stay consistent with my business, seeing where I resisted the work, nurturing my sensuality and sexuality. Again honoring these areas with compassion (and with minimal “story” – keeping it as clean as possible).

Next I would just let my imagination run wild – what vision for 2015 really lights me up, going through every area of my life.

After I’ve written out the vision, I would go back through and distill it down to the essence – sure, a financially successful business would be great, but what’s that really about? Then I would see if there are recurring themes.

After all of this, I would end it with gratitude and surrender – if you have a safe way to burn things, you can even burn up each page of what you’ve written, trusting that it’s being integrated and will show up the way you need it.

Let me know how it goes for you!

First off, I know what you’re thinking…dear Lord, that woman writes long texts! 😉

Then perhaps you might be thinking about how you could apply this to your own life, even if the official “New Year” has already passed.

In fact, I speak a lot about how NOW is the only real time there is, so I truly believe that there is no “deadline” when it comes to listening to your soul’s desires and taking inspired action toward the life you really want to live.

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I would love to hear from you!

Have you created the space yet to honor your past and tune into your vision for the future? If so, what is the essence of your desire for the year that will guide you as you co-create that vision?


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