Dream Meanings - Finding the Hidden Messages

Dreams are a part of the messages the Universe is sending us day in and day out, and recognizing our dream meanings can help to guide us in the choices we make in life.

Nighttime can be a powerful time of learning, of absorption and pure receptivity, as it then that we are able to step aside from our busyness of mind long enough to see, feel, hear, experience the possibilities of what is being offered to us.

It is also a powerful time to meld our left brain insights with right brain creative thinking, and tap back into the power of our imagination to solve our hairiest problems.

I’ve always been fascinated by dream meanings, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized I was seeking interpretations and answers in all the wrong places.

I was checking out dream dictionaries from the library in the hopes that the duck (or the box, or the cross) from my dreams was the same one that millions of others were seeing when they shut their eyes to rest.

Although I believe in the power of universal myths and symbols, I also knew that there was a missing link and that maybe, just maybe, my own background, beliefs, and soul’s journey were shading my dream symbols so that they were unique to my own experience.

So I started on a quest to find a better way, and I came upon The Silva Method’s dream interpretation techniques, which gave me a whole new set of tools for playing with those little gifts from my subconscious mind.

Here is my take on those steps that I have adapted to understand the dream meanings in my own life:

1. Set the intention to remember the dreams

I have spoken before about the power of intention, but simply put, it is putting in a direct order from your conscious mind to the subconscious to pay attention.

This doesn’t have to be complicated (simplicity is one of my core values after all!), so just say to yourself “Mind, I’d like you to remember my dreams tonight.”

You can even state the intention to dream about a particular solution if you’re so inclined…and then wait for the magic to happen :).

Note: if you don’t normally remember your dreams, it’s totally ok if this step takes a few nights – trust you ARE dreaming, and that you can remember them.

2. Keep a dream journal next to my bed – and use it

Again go for simplicity – jot down a snapshot of the characters and action but leave the analysis for the morning. This shouldn’t take more than a few minutes – and if you’re lucky, you’ll slip back into a new dream once done.

3. Put on your Freudian thinking cap, and tune into what each symbol could possibly mean

Do this the next day of course – all dreams will feel crazy if you try to interpret them in the middle of the night – and use that intuitive filter of yours to write out the first thing that pops into mind rather than what you think it “should” mean.

4. Create a personal dream dictionary

This is a bit of a bonus step, but if you really want to get to know what your subconscious mind (and soul!) are telling you, you need to pay attention to how the symbols show up in different dreams.

You can just take a blank notepad (or even one of those address books with the A to Z dividers already built in), then write the symbol at the top of the page with impressions of how you feel about the symbol underneath. For example, you might see a snake and write “Snake” at the top of the page; to some a snake might be frightening but to others it might make you feel curious…or gloriously naughty.

Or maybe you instantly think of a “snake” in your life – jot that person’s name down and ask your intuition if it’s guiding you toward or away from him or her (your body will tell you usually with a feeling of attraction or repulsion).

Key: don’t judge it, just write it.

5. Repeat

Over time you will begin to see the recurring symbols and patterns, and then, seemingly out of nowhere, the answer will make sense. This happens quicker for some things than others, but trust that if it is important, it will reveal itself and the connections will become clear.


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Of course, sometimes our symbols do have commonalities; for those, I stumbled upon this lovely little infographic to inspire your own interpretation of what might be going on in dreamland:


Making Sense of Dreams

I’d love to hear from you! In the comments below, share one of YOUR dreams – and the meaning you have created from it.

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