My Body Is…

My Body Is…

“My body is beautiful.”

“My body is whole.”

“My body is wild.”

“My body is free.”

“My body is magic.”

“My body is love.”

“My body is not my soul.”


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These were the words that came through my friend Liz Dialto when we sat down to talk about how her intuition led her to create Wild Soul Movement, a 12-week practice of Movement, Mantra, and Meditation designed to explore your deeper truth through your body.

Press play below to watch the full interview, as we delve into the power of community (and why one woman couldn’t possibly have all the answers!), what it means to honor the seasons of your life, and why it’s absolutely time to stop covering up who you are in the world:



Over to you!

In the comments below, fill in the blank with the first words that come to mind:

“My Body Is ______.”

If the words that you’ve shared feel limiting in any way, list out how you would rather feel…you have full permission to own it!


Still curious about Wild Soul Movement and want to see what it looks like on a practical level? Liz created a full length sample that you can access by clicking here – but don’t wait to check it out, as the video goes down after June 5th!

Life is either a great adventure or nothing.

Life is either a great adventure or nothing.

All who wander are not lost



Taking a moment from my own adventures here in Berlin to share a few loving insights from the road…enjoy 🙂



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No matter what’s going on in your life right now, you have a choice to see it as the adventure that it is.

Those mundane moments, those things you “have to do,” they are things that you can choose to make more exciting, more meaningful, it all depends on how you look at it.

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But life just isn’t a passive event.

We don’t just lie around waiting for it to happen to us…we create it.

And so that’s where meaningful, joyful work comes in – daring to live greatly.

What’s that thing that you want to dare to do today? Go do it.

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So often the thing that stops us is caring what other people think.

So…stop that…just for today.

Stop caring about what anyone else things because truly those people who love you and know you will absolutely support that beautiful thing you’re looking to create in the world.

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Of course we don’t live in a bubble.

We’re here to support each other, and so, really look outside of your own experience…that will give everything deeper meaning.

How can you serve? How can you show up? How can you be the absolute best person you can be?

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And whenever in doubt, always, always, always, follow your bliss.

Follow your joy.

Listen to your intuition. She will always be your best guide and the Universe will totally show up because truly, it has your back.


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Life is an Experiment

Life is an Experiment

Life is an Experiment

“Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment.”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Not too long ago, I had an insightful conversation with Kate Byrne from Betty Means Business, as she shared a few great pieces of business advice around how I can better serve those I’m meant to serve.

One of the words she used when our conversation was coming to a close sparked new insights – or rather, a remembrance of what I knew to be true.

That word was experiment.

“YES,” my soul said.

We are scientists in life; it can get serious sometimes, but it’s all about doing the research, formulating a hypothesis, setting up the experiment, and gathering those results.

Looking back, I realized that I had embarked on my fair share of experiments in life.

Growing up in Midwest City, Oklahoma, I had lived in the same house my entire childhood when I decided to initiate the “California College Experiment,” moving 1500 miles away from all that I knew to Malibu, California, a place vastly different than my hometown, and devoid of any friends or family to support me.

In many ways that experiment was a success…through the experience, I made amazing friendships and learned so much about myself and about life (not to mention the actual knowledge I gained from the courses themselves).

On the other hand, in some ways it wasn’t entirely successful…despite graduating with a business degree from Pepperdine and getting recruited while still in college to work for a large corporation, I only lasted 6 months in my first job, realizing quickly that the traditional “business” path that my degree set me up for wasn’t what my heart desired.

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We can’t fail when we allow the results or our “findings” to give us new information, as long as that new information feeds into the next experiment, integrating what worked and what didn’t.

My next experiment was initiated when I was “bitten by the bug” – the acting bug, that is. And so I gathered my experiment tools by enrolling in classes, taking headshots, and putting together a reel, then immersed myself in this new life experiment.

And in many ways this experiment was also a success…not only had I performed on film and on stage in several great projects, but I also met my soulmate simply by being in the entertainment world, as he too was an actor.

And yet…in other ways, it wasn’t exactly a success. Not just because I wasn’t booking the big films or TV shows, but because something in me wasn’t quite satisfied anymore.

You see, as left-brained logical as we may be as life “scientists,” we always follow our hunches – our intuition at work – and my intuition led me to believe that there was a way that I could help others more directly than I was able to do as an actress.

So I lovingly took those experiment results into the next one – the experiment I’m running now as an Intuitive Coach, serving the people I’m meant to serve, and creating a business and life that encapsulates all that’s important to me.

And my results so far?

Pretty damn amazing considering the freedom I have created in my life and the opportunity to incorporate all of my gifts in ways they hadn’t been used before.

Of course, as I’ve shared before, it’s not always easy.

But those moments of challenge?

Simply opportunities to gather new information in my experiment called life.

I’d love to hear from you:

Is there an area of your life that you had judged as a “failure” before that you can now see as simply an experiment with its own unique findings? Share with the community in the comments below!

Forget Resolutions – How to Create Your Guiding Principles for 2014

Forget Resolutions – How to Create Your Guiding Principles for 2014

Forget Resolutions - How to Create Your Guiding Principles for 2014

Wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Many of us take this time to create New Year’s resolutions, goals meant to stretch us physically and mentally.

Some of us prefer to call them intentions – same idea, but a softer energy.

But what if we tried an altogether new approach, and allowed the ushering in of a new year to remind us to reconnect to who we really are, rather than try to become something we’re not?


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If you’ve been in my tribe for any amount of time, you know I’m all about living in the present moment, that magical space of timelessness that we visit when we balance past reflections, future visions with the reality of the now.

So I invite you to take today, whatever day this message finds you, to set the conscious intention to reconnect to who you really are and list out the Top 10 Guiding Principles you’d like to put in place for 2014.

The difference between getting lost in our thoughts of the past and future and staying present with those reflections and visions is the energy and intention we bring to it, so tune into your intuition by asking her to step in and give you guidance, take a deep breath, and then really listen to what she has to say (she might surprise you!).

Here are my Top 10 Guiding Principles for 2014 in the hopes that they inspire you as you embrace the energy that this new year is bringing:

  1. Begin within. Real life has less to do with what’s going on outside and so much more to do with what’s going on within.
  2. Change can happen in an instant, but habits can take time to build. Be open to both.
  3. If help is needed, ask for it, graciously and humbly.
  4. If it feels like you’re swimming upstream, swim harder…or surrender. There is a time and place for both.
  5. Envision the highest outcome when asking “is it worth it?” That is what you are moving toward, so allow that to guide the choices you make, not the present perceived struggle.
  6. Fear is not real, only love. Freedom from the feeling of fear is the consistent reawakening to this truth.
  7. Freedom from the chaos of thoughts begins with a choice to create space around those thoughts, and this choice can be made anew in each new moment.
  8. The less you focus on the limitations of life, the less they’ll show up on your radar.
  9. Words have power; choose wisely.
  10. Trust in the Universe…it always has your back.

I’d love to hear from you! What is one of your Top 10 guiding principles for 2014? Share in the comments below (and if you think this post would inspire a friend, pass it along!).

Make your own holiday traditions this year…or bring a deeper consciousness to the ones you have.

Make your own holiday traditions this year…or bring a deeper consciousness to the ones you have.

Make your own Holiday Tradition

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you celebrate the way you do, wondering what it might be like to let go of what was passed down and make your own holiday traditions?

I hadn’t asked myself this question until recently, but the answers my intuition gave me were somewhat surprising.

But let me back up and start from the beginning…

Growing up in my family, the holidays were a big deal – especially Christmas.

I remember waking up early to Christmas music playing in our living room, the lights twinkling on our tree, and my dad setting up the video camera to capture the entire day.

Once the camera was set up, I would pull up my little stool in front of it, as it was a holiday tradition for me to read the story of the baby Jesus before any presents were opened (except for the one year where I decided to cast my family in a theatrical re-enactment of it – but that’s another story).

And then came the presents…one by one, they were plucked from under the tree and passed to the recipient, as I would stand dutifully by with the big trash bag to catch all the loose bits of wrapping paper.

This went on for what seemed like hours, as the presents really were a big part of this big deal we called Christmas.

Fast forward to the now.

I’m a self-proclaimed hippie who would rather donate to a great cause or invest in a unique experience over giving and receiving more “stuff,” so the thought of exchanging presents that may or may not get loved was less than appealing.

But old habits die hard. A part of me fought against this crazy notion of a no present Christmas. It was part of tradition after all!

So I had to take pause and ask myself why was this important – and is it still important to me now?

Presents at Christmas traditionally represent the gifts the wise men brought to the baby Jesus. They were humble offerings and symbols of their love and devotion. And although I no longer have the same religious beliefs I once had as a child, I still believe in the importance of the guidance that it offered.

Could I bring this sense of “humble offering” to my gift-giving practices, and create a new holiday tradition that felt more aligned with my life?

I believe the answer is yes.

In fact, I didn’t stop at the gift-giving tradition; I began to examine other habits to notice where I might be able to infuse a sense of ritual into the act.

Habits serve us wondrously in our day to day life, as we can go through without much conscious effort to stay on track with our goals.

But rituals go hand-in-hand with traditions, as they shift the energy around what we are doing so that we are more fully alive and awake in the process.


I’d love to hear from you: How will you create traditions that are in alignment with what you truly believe is important to celebrate your holidays this year with more consciousness? And how can you bring more meaning and awareness to the traditions you already celebrate?


To celebrate how grateful I am for YOU in my life, I’m sharing holiday gifts with an Intuitively Guided Custom Meditation Giveaway!

Click the picture below to enter, and you’ll get the chance to win my new Intuitively Guided Custom Meditation Experience – a fun and simple process where I intuitively create a custom guided meditation to help you release limiting beliefs and tap into the resourcefulness of your subconscious mind to take inspired action on your vision (I will notify the 5 lucky winners by 31DEC13, so submit your response before the year is out!). 

Intuitively Guided Custom Meditation Contest

Sending you big holiday love (and a little luck!) in the meantime!

“I Love You So Much” Self-Love Exercise

“I Love You So Much” Self-Love Exercise

Self love.

Even the most compassionate of us struggle with loving all aspects of ourselves all the time.

There are so many ways we can deepen this practice of self-love, but today, I invite you try on a quick and easy way you can lighten it up and play in this 2 minute video below:



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In the meantime, I’m looking forward to reading your self-love haikus in the comments below :).