Skip the shortcuts and enjoy the journey

Skip the shortcuts and enjoy the journey

Skip the shortcuts and enjoy the journey

There’s no destination. The journey is all that there is, and it can be very, very joyful.
~Srikumar Rao

A girlfriend and I hadn’t seen each other in awhile, and she suggested we meet up at the Getty to take in a little culture and a bite to eat, teasing me that we were truly growing into little old ladies who lunch at museums :).

I arrived a little early and had a choice between taking the tram from the parking structure up the big hill to the museum or taking the walking path that ran alongside it.

It was a hot breezeless day, and part of me wanted to take the shortcut, to sit down and relax in an air-conditioned box as I was carried up the hill, saving my legs for the galleries ahead.

But the other part of me wanted to slow down…to skip the shortcut and enjoy the journey instead.

So I began trekking up the hill and to my delight I was guided through a sculpture garden and onto a beautiful tree-lined path that offered an expansive and surprisingly enjoyable view; I must admit, there’s something wonderful about being able to look over the 405 freeway and be grateful you’re on foot surrounded by happy trees instead of in the car surrounded by angry drivers.

Staying off the beaten path gave me an opportunity to meet a lovely woman who was also venturing along the sidelines; we took the time to get wrapped up in a conversation around what we love most about the city we live in and sharing about the work that lights us up (both of us helping the world in our own way – her life as a lawyer and mine as a healer and coach).

By the time I reached the top and said goodbye to my new friend to meet up with my old one, I realized that taking the “long way” gave me the unexpected gift of discovering more about myself and my connection to the people and place around me.

So often we rush through life, with a single-minded focus on our goals, forgetting that the goals are simply anchors to guide us toward our expansion, but that real life can ONLY be experienced right here, right now.

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One way to intentionally slow down is through cultivating a practice of walking meditation, and I invite you to try it out through the 10 simple steps below:

  1. Find a private area where you can walk about 10 steps in one direction, indoors or outside (I always recommend getting out in nature if you can!).
  2. Begin standing in mountain pose, feet body-width apart and knees slightly bent and relaxed. Keep your eyes open, but soft, gazing easily in front of you (no need to watch your feet; trust that feeling them is enough).
  3. Focus awareness on the soles of your feet, feeling the weight of your body moving downward toward your feet and the physical connection with the ground beneath them.
  4. Allow the left heel to rise slowly and pay attention to all of the sensations moving up from the heel to ankle to calf. Notice the gentle shifting of the weight to the right foot. Notice if there is any wobbling as your left foot slowly moves toward the ground, bringing the attention first to the heel, then mid foot, then ball.
  5. Now bring the awareness to your right foot as you begin to slowly lift it off the ground, paying attention to those sensations you feel in the calf, ankle, and foot as you intentionally step forward.
  6. Repeat this process using the physical sensation of walking as your anchor, bringing your awareness back any time the mind wanders.
  7. When you reach the end, take a moment to simply stand and bring awareness back to the physical sensation of standing for a breath or two.
  8. Then repeat the process walking back the other direction, slowly, mindfully, and intentionally, taking small steps as you go.
  9. Continue walking for 10-15 minutes, varying the speed to slow down and speed up once you feel comfortable in your normal pace.
  10. Once the timer has gone off, stand once more in mountain pose, bringing awareness for a breath or two to the sensation of feeling present and grounded, enjoying what THIS moment has to offer.

I’d love to hear from you; what was your last experience of consciously slowing down to enjoy the journey in your life?

Listening for the whispers of truth inside

Listening for the whispers of truth inside

Listen for the whispers of truth inside of you

It is only when we silent the blaring sounds of our daily existence that we can finally hear the whispers of truth that life reveals to us, as it stands knocking on the doorsteps of our hearts.

~K.T. Jong

One of our biggest challenges is forgetting not only our connection to the Divine, but that we ARE Divine, tapped into that infinite intelligence that truly does have all of the answers.

But even the forgetting is ok, as each time we remember again it sinks deeper and reveals a new layer we might not have discovered otherwise.

The discovery process can sometimes take us down winding roads of confusion, dredge us through the growing pains that we experience when in seemingly unchartered territory.

But other times, finding the answers can actually be ridiculously creative and dare I say, FUN.

Today’s Inspired Life Guided Meditation falls into the latter category.

The key for us as seekers is to step out of the constricted world that is black and white, all or nothing, and step more fully into the world of possibility, where there isn’t ONE right answer but many.

So get settled in and allow me to guide you to meet your Future Self, as you reconnect to the wisdom and visions that await:

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I’d love to hear from you:

Share what your future self communicated with you, trusting that your unconscious will continue to give you glimpses of the possible answer now that you’ve re-awakened that connection within.

How Intention Setting Can Help You Create What You Really Want

How Intention Setting Can Help You Create What You Really Want

How Intention Setting Can Change the Way You Approach Everything

Happy New Year – and new MOMENT – to you!

On New Year’s Eve this year, my dear friend and colleague Shari Alexander texted to ask what I would be doing for the holiday; first, I shared with her the image above, my DIY NYE Intention Setting Ceremony recipe that I had shared with my tribes on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and then I took it a little deeper in my reply to her (the below copied and pasted directly from that text conversation):

I’ve spent many New Years alone and they were honestly some of my best memories…granted I’m an introvert, but still, I loved that I was able to choose exactly what energy I brought from this year into the next. Since you have such a productive day, it will be perfect for you to wind down with a little ceremony by yourself if you choose.

Here’s what I would do:

I would cozy up with a candle, tea, and journal or paper (and possibly calendar if I need to jog my memory). Start with a little meditation to be open and clear, letting go the busyness of the day.

Then I go through each month and tune into all I want to honor and celebrate and write it out, perhaps even writing out “I honor _______” FITB, focusing on the essence. For example, maybe I’m not excited about my ending “sales numbers” but I did impact several new people, so I focus on the impact.

Then I would go back through and honor those areas where I still yearn to grow – such as grounding myself, learning how to stay consistent with my business, seeing where I resisted the work, nurturing my sensuality and sexuality. Again honoring these areas with compassion (and with minimal “story” – keeping it as clean as possible).

Next I would just let my imagination run wild – what vision for 2015 really lights me up, going through every area of my life.

After I’ve written out the vision, I would go back through and distill it down to the essence – sure, a financially successful business would be great, but what’s that really about? Then I would see if there are recurring themes.

After all of this, I would end it with gratitude and surrender – if you have a safe way to burn things, you can even burn up each page of what you’ve written, trusting that it’s being integrated and will show up the way you need it.

Let me know how it goes for you!

First off, I know what you’re thinking…dear Lord, that woman writes long texts! 😉

Then perhaps you might be thinking about how you could apply this to your own life, even if the official “New Year” has already passed.

In fact, I speak a lot about how NOW is the only real time there is, so I truly believe that there is no “deadline” when it comes to listening to your soul’s desires and taking inspired action toward the life you really want to live.

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I would love to hear from you!

Have you created the space yet to honor your past and tune into your vision for the future? If so, what is the essence of your desire for the year that will guide you as you co-create that vision?


How would you like to immerse yourself in a powerful loving space created just for you, with a guide by your side to take you through these intention setting steps and help you interpret the wisdom of your soul?

For the month of January only, I’m offering 75-Minute Intention Setting Sessions at a special rate of $111 to do just that!

This includes intuitive coaching to help your conscious mind tune into the vision, hypnosis to affirm the wisdom from your unconscious, and reiki to seal it all in energetically.

Click the button below to secure your spot:

Give me Clarity

I’m truly looking forward to creating this space for you :).

Dancing with your Shadow: How to Accept Yourself and Flow through Challenges in Life

Dancing with your Shadow: How to Accept Yourself and Flow through Challenges in Life

I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me, And what can be the use of him is more than I can see.
~Robert Louis Stevenson

I had the absolute pleasure of hosting a live Google Hangout with my dear friend Liz Dialto yesterday, as we dove into the topic of “How to Dance with your Shadow” – one of my favorite subjects as it’s one that I deal with on a daily basis whether in my own life or with my intuitive coaching and hypnotherapy clients.

As always, I walked away learning a lot – about myself, my work, and how I can share these tools in an even deeper way with my tribe – so I invite you to join our conversation by watching the video above, as we share stories and principles that can support you as you learn to dance with your shadow.

Here are just a few of those insights from our conversation in the meantime:

No matter how far along on our journey we are…our shadow is always there. But it doesn’t have to be something that we judge or avoid…in fact, when we start to see its appearances as something to look forward to, as a sign that we’ve expanded into something big, then everything begins to fall into perspective.

Our shadow is our own unique “dark side” – that part of us that points us exactly to where we can learn and grow and expand more fully in our lives, and mine will look different from yours (though often there are quite a few overlaps – fear has many faces but they often look alike).

For me, my shadow often shows up as a “who are you to guide others in their life” – questioning my place in the world to shine brightly and stand tall for what I feel is truth. I work through this in many ways – several of which you’ll find sprinkled throughout my blog – but what always works best for me is a consistent return to the now, with compassion and with trust, and giving myself a “fresh start” in each new moment as I allow what needs to unfold to unfold.

For Liz, her shadow shows up when she finds that speaking her truth triggers someone’s insecurity – prompting them to lash out towards her, the source of that trigger. She shares a beautifully organic process that has allowed her to dance with her shadows – a cycle that allows her to flow through each of those challenges in a deeper way each time. She calls this having a “super deep self-love, self-trust, acceptance of herself, and deep faith.”

Here’s what it looks like to stop and hold the space for the energy to move through you so you can truly Dance with YOUR Shadow:

1. Honor the shadow! Whatever crappy emotions come up, let them move THROUGH you – you are a Spiritual being having a human experience, so release that energy so it gets out of you. Express it – write it, share it with trusted friends – whatever it takes to get it out in a healthy way.

2. Put on mega-watt goggles of compassion and recognize that those negative emotions are NOT your Truth.

3. Forgive and send love. This does NOT mean that the behavior is “ok” – this simply releases the hold it has over you so you can release it. It’s not our job to know the full story of someone else’s journey, so forgive even if you don’t understand the “why” of their actions.

4. Move your body! Listen to music, get out of your head…and if necessary, repeat the above until you feel it’s moved through you.

5. Once the charge has been removed enough, create space to allow the lessons to come. Why did this happen? How can this pattern be avoided in the future? Then come back to that trust of yourself and the Universe, and that your Shadow came here to teach you the lessons you were meant to learn.


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Liz and I recognize that there is not ONE way – the above is simply a set of tools for you to try on and see what resonates.

We both encourage you to stay open to ways the Universe is supporting you – through people, through books, through processes that speak to your soul. The shadow dances around in our blind spots, so it’s important for us to seek with intuitive discernment those ways that we can allow our shadow to be reflected back so that we can dance with it, heal it, grow through it.

One way to really take this work deeper is through Wild Soul Movement.

Wild Soul Movement is a 12 week video-based practice that combines movement, mantra and meditation.




I’m a proud partner of this program, as its intentions are so aligned with and supportive of the work I do with my clients, guiding you to move the energy through you as you surrender and release, trust and receive, dream and desire, and create from a space more connected to your inner wisdom.

Enrollment for the Fall Session closes this Friday, so if you’re ready to say yes to that intuitive nudge, join Liz here:

Wild Soul Movement – Fall Enrollment


No matter how you choose to dance with your shadow, recognize how important this work truly is…and that you’re NEVER alone on this journey, with Universe and guides to support you along the way.

I’d love to hear from you! How do you dance with YOUR shadows in life and more fully accept yourself both light and dark?

This too shall pass…the gift of impermanence.

This too shall pass…the gift of impermanence.

This too shall pass...the gift of impermanence

The living self has one purpose only: to come into its own fullness of being, as a tree comes into full blossom, or a bird into spring beauty, or a tiger into lustre. ~D.H. Lawrence

There seems to be a divide in how we’re taught to work with our own emotions.

On one end of the spectrum, there are those who feel it’s essential to fully and deeply feel our feelings and share our stories of pain and suffering.

On the other, there are those who believe the only way around pain is to stop and change directions in the moment, quickly choosing a new thought or feeling.

And then there’s those of us who embrace the middle ground and find merits in both schools of thought.

I had the opportunity to embody this middle ground on my birthday just this past week, a day filled with love, celebration, appreciation…as well as tears, loneliness, and doubts about my own abilities and choices in life.

Earlier that day, I had scheduled time for reflection, but as I cozied up on the couch in my office with journal in hand, I found myself being moved to tears.

That old ego voice tried to jump in and judge my feelings, but I intuitively knew that the energy of “judgement” wasn’t going to help me work through it, so I refused to listen to that voice, and I stayed present.

You might be wondering why, why was I crying on this amazing day of celebration in my life…but honestly, what’s most helpful for me (and hopefully you), is to shift the attention away from “the story” because it’s almost never worth the energy (no matter how compelling that story might be).

The interesting thing about emotions is that when we truly feel them, without hooking into the story, they usually transform within 90 seconds to something new, so I gave myself 90 seconds, again and again, as each new emotion welled up and moved through me.

By staying present with it all, I recognized that just as my feelings were shifting, changing, flowing from one into another, so would my life experiences…impermanence truly is a gift.

Everything changes, that is, except for the core of who I am: LOVE, that Divine energy that flows through all of us.

I understood that even the tears and pain and frustration that I was feeling was, in its own way, an expression of this love. In that moment of acceptance, the switch flipped, and my mind found a new focus, creating meaning where there was only confusion before.

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I recently began working with a new mentorship client who shared with me that she’s finally found happiness…but it’s fleeting. I immediately congratulated her on recognizing one of the deepest truths about our experience – that is is ALL fleeting.

The good, the seemingly bad, the highs, the lows…when we fully allow ourselves to accept this, we can embrace coming into our own fullness of being, and lovingly focus on what is within our control: the energy we give to each passing moment.

I’d love to guide you to a deeper understanding of your own life experience, so I invite you to join me tomorrow, August 7th at 630 PM PST / 930 PM EST in my free Monthly Master Class & Meditation Series!

This month’s topic is “You Are Not Your Thoughts” and I’ll share intuitive insights and processes to help you work with your thoughts more easily, then lead you through a short guided meditation to anchor in a deeper understanding.

Sign up to join The Tribe below to get access to the call-in info and the MP3 recording of the class:

*Your privacy is sacred, and your info will never be sold or shared.

Secret Desires

Secret Desires

Secret Desires

I would not be where I am without my amazing support system – the teachers, coaches, mentors, and friends who keep me on track in both my spiritual and entrepreneurial work. In fact, I truly trust these women (and men) with my heart’s desires, digging deep together to explore, to be held accountable, to be kept on track.

But as much as I love transparency, I don’t share everything…I have my secrets.

And I believe it’s not only ok but actually sacred to have secret desires that are for you and you alone.

This might sound completely contradictory to the message I usually share – to claim your dreams, loud and proud, for the Universe and anyone else listening to hear.

So let me paint a picture to explain:

Any given moment contains unlimited possible future moments; the one that you experience is the one you pay attention to.

And sometimes sharing our secret wishes before they’re fully formed gives others unspoken permission to give you their “advice.”

And sometimes their good intentions go awry when they try to “protect” you from the failure of that dream not coming to fruition – talking “sense” into you so that you can focus on something that doesn’t threaten their sense of self and what’s possible.

And sometimes you aren’t fully tapped into the strength to protect that secret wish…so you simply let it go away.


So how do you know when to share your desires and when to hold them as secrets?

As always, tune in and ask your intuition.

You will get a sense of a need to nurture and protect if that secret desire is still in its infancy.

You might even feel a little unclear on the details but have a strong knowing that it must happen – even though you don’t understand “how” it will work out quite yet.

You’ll feel more feminine than masculine, receptive to those signs from the Universe to point you rather than driven to focus all of your energy and get it out there.

But whether your intuition says “be still and nurture this” or “let the energy flow and manifest this now,” it is paramount to HONOR that desire either way.

Sometimes we refuse to even acknowledge our desires, thinking them too “big” or “unrealistic” but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is that thought or idea lights you up for a reason: you are the one who is meant to bring it forth into the world.


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Even if we aren’t meant to share them with everyone, our secret desires deserve a home.

Because there is one person you should never keep secrets from…yourself.

So get out a piece of paper or your journal today – better yet, right now – and write down that secret desire that has been floating around inside your head.

If your intuition leads you to keep it secret – for now – I invite you to ask the Universe to send you the people, circumstances, and insights you need for that secret desire to grow and become more formed.

And most importantly, stay present because as much as I honor secret desires, I don’t believe they are meant to be held in secret forever.

There will a come a time when the energy shifts and you will have the clarity, confidence, and strength to take the inspired action you need to make that secret desire a reality.

I’d love to hear from you:

Do you have a secret desire right now that you’ve yet to even fully share with yourself? Or has your intuition ever led you to take that secret desire into the world – and how did you know it was time?