Transforming Stress and Overwhelm to Focused Energy Through EFT Tapping

Transforming Stress and Overwhelm to Focused Energy Through EFT Tapping

Transforming Stress and Overwhelm to Focused Energy Through EFT Tapping

Overwhelm? You got nothin’ on me.

Because I’ve got a crazy simple yet ridiculously powerful tool to transform that overwhelming energy into calm focused energy.

Ok first a couple of basics:

1. Everything is energy.

2. Our mind and body are so intricately intertwined that oftentimes the best way to deal with the energy in one is to focus on the energy in the other.


Tapping, also known as EFT (or Emotional Freedom Technique), is one of the simplest ways to shift the energy in both your body and your mind at the same time.


So what the heck is tapping? (more…)

Manifesting Growth through Surrender

Manifesting Growth through Surrender

Manifesting Growth through Surrender (aka The Unexpected Surprise at my Mountain Retreat)

In the world of manifestation, we tend to focus a lot of energy and intention on a specific vision of what we are creating – and for good reason.

Our thoughts truly do affect our experience in a very powerful way, and so, when we are looking to manifest, it’s important to let our imaginations run wild, dreaming the biggest and best possible dreams and following that vision out in vivid detail.

However, the universe usually has something even better in mind if we simply allow it.

This is where our egos struggle a bit, as it wants to hold onto that specific vision and then make us feel bad when things don’t go exactly as planned.

We have to have faith and surrender to those circumstances out of our control in order to experience the best possible outcome for our souls.

I learned this lesson again recently on a retreat I had manifested for myself to get out of the city to do some healing and writing, as I set off on a journey that took me on mountain highways over 3000 feet high with nothing but solid white fog surrounding me.

When I arrived at Randy Bruck’s lakeside oasis, I was greeted with a smudge and chime to cleanse my energy upon entering…the magic had begun, and this retreat was turning out to be just as I imagined it would be and exactly what I had planned when manifesting it.

I relaxed, wrote in my journal, received remote energy work from another healer, then indulged myself with a 2 hour energy healing and massage with Randy. The evening was capped off with a delicious meal with my host, and I retired to my room to continue writing in my journal, thinking to myself “what an absolutely perfect retreat.”

I awoke the next day early with a desire to squeeze in as much writing as I could as I was set to depart from my mini retreat that day, and I noticed how light it looked outside, thinking to myself how beautifully bright the mountains are in the morning.

But upon drawing back the curtains, I saw more than just the bright mountain sky… (more…)