Change your Mind, Change your Life

Change your Mind, Change your Life

Change your Mind Change your Life

The mind is everything. What you think you become.

We know that the mind not only affects our thoughts and our feelings but also our physical body. The yogis and mystics have shown us this for ages, and science is just now catching up to “explain” what they think is going on.

But the more we think we know about the mind, the more we realize that we’ve barely even scratched the surface. Indeed, the one thing we all agree on is that there is sheer untapped potential in each and every one of us.

So with this knowing inside that there is so much more to life than we may be experiencing, how can you change your mind to change your life and release it from its limitations when it seems so stuck in its ways?

Most of us try to change our mind through force or willpower and have the inconsistent results to show for it. Our conscious mind is after all only about 5-10% of our total brainpower…pretty measly when you consider our full potential.

The rest of our mind lies in the unconscious – that part of us that speaks in metaphors, imagery, and symbols. It’s our dreams, whether sleeping or awake, that point us toward our full potential, our truest wisdom.

This realization sparked a fire within me to seek out ways to communicate more directly with the unconscious mind, and when I stumbled into hypnosis many years ago, I could sense I was opening the door to a whole new world of possibility.

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But what is hypnosis anyway?

Experts disagree on many things hypnosis-related, including the definition, but one explanation I feel paints the clearest picture is a focused state of awareness where you have the ability to tap into the power of your unconscious mind…consciously.

It’s, as my teacher Melissa Tiers would say, meditation with an agenda.

Hypnosis gives us the ability to rewire the brain, literally, so that old neural pathways disconnect as new ones are connected – the fears and anxieties that we believed to be so powerful lose their charge.

Hypnosis allows us to connect deeply with the genius within – and even with the wisdom of the Universe. It awakens the intuition and trains our mind to pay attention to the signs that are being sent to us every day.

Hypnosis also gives us the ability to change our motivation because in truth we are all motivated to do something – perhaps just not something we want to be doing. By shifting the energy from one thing to another – in amazingly simple ways – we can begin taking inspired action toward the change we want to create in life.

Basically, hypnosis allows you to release overwhelm, awaken your intuition, and take inspired action in life – the ultimate goal of the work I do with my Intuitive Coaching and Hypnotherapy clients.

Of course, you can do all of these things without hypnosis; access to the subconscious mind is not relegated to an elite few who have learned these techniques. But I fell in love with this process because it allows us to do so with more ease and fun than I ever thought possible.

And at the end of the day, what’s life if we can’t bring more ease, fun, and a little bit of transformation to it? 🙂

Because I want to show you just how easy hypnosis can be, I’ve created a short Easy Self-Hypnosis MP3 that you can listen to for FREE by pressing play below:


If you’d like to take it deeper, I’d love to explore this exciting territory with you and am making it even easier to do so with a 35% off special on all of my packages in the month of July to celebrate my 35th birthday this month!

Click here or the picture below for details:

Sabrina Bolin NGH Certification


Question for you:

Have you used hypnosis (yes, the MP3 above counts!), visualization, or another process to more directly access your subconscious mind? If so, I’d love to hear how it helped shift your awareness and behaviors!

My Body Is…

My Body Is…

“My body is beautiful.”

“My body is whole.”

“My body is wild.”

“My body is free.”

“My body is magic.”

“My body is love.”

“My body is not my soul.”


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These were the words that came through my friend Liz Dialto when we sat down to talk about how her intuition led her to create Wild Soul Movement, a 12-week practice of Movement, Mantra, and Meditation designed to explore your deeper truth through your body.

Press play below to watch the full interview, as we delve into the power of community (and why one woman couldn’t possibly have all the answers!), what it means to honor the seasons of your life, and why it’s absolutely time to stop covering up who you are in the world:



Over to you!

In the comments below, fill in the blank with the first words that come to mind:

“My Body Is ______.”

If the words that you’ve shared feel limiting in any way, list out how you would rather feel…you have full permission to own it!


Still curious about Wild Soul Movement and want to see what it looks like on a practical level? Liz created a full length sample that you can access by clicking here – but don’t wait to check it out, as the video goes down after June 5th!

“I Love You So Much” Self-Love Exercise

“I Love You So Much” Self-Love Exercise

Self love.

Even the most compassionate of us struggle with loving all aspects of ourselves all the time.

There are so many ways we can deepen this practice of self-love, but today, I invite you try on a quick and easy way you can lighten it up and play in this 2 minute video below:



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In the meantime, I’m looking forward to reading your self-love haikus in the comments below :).

Dancing with Demons, Choosing Surrender

Dancing with Demons, Choosing Surrender

Dancing with Demons, Choosing Surrender

“To the ego mind, surrender means giving up.
To the spiritual mind, surrender means giving in and receiving.”
~Marianne Williamson, from The Law of Divine Compensation

While many were celebrating Thanksgiving this past week, immersed in abundance (connections, food, fun!), I was embarking on a deep journey within as I settled in at home alone for a 3 day White Light healing intensive with one of my teachers, Belinda Davidson.

What can I say…I’ve always done things a little differently.

My choice to immerse myself in this healing wasn’t just a fulfillment of my rebel tendencies, but a Divinely timed and much-needed break from the busyness of my world. It had been nearly 9 months since I had last embarked on such a retreat (read about that experience here), and I know myself well enough to know that I need a “reset” on the mind, body, and soul level more than just once a year.

Plus, my intuition told me it was time for another round of intensive healing, and as my intuition has yet to lead me astray, I chose once again to listen to her wisdom.

So I set up vacation auto-responders on my emails, made a “goodbye internet friends” announcement on my Facebook wall, and then quietly slipped into that sweet space unplugged from the online world.

Going into my retreat, I had high expectations of long hours meditating, journals filled with reflective writing, and perhaps even a hike in the mountains and some intensive time spent on my yoga mat.

Reality of course, is often quite different than expectations.

The day started off well enough; without the internet to distract me, I was finally able to dig into my growing stack of Yoga Journal magazines and read through 4 of them while spread out in my backyard on a blanket.

But a storm was brewing – both outside and within – and things had shifted for me once I finished reading and came back inside.

Instead of floating around in a space of bliss, I found myself in a state of panic and struggle with all the toxic thoughts and feelings that rushed to the surface when I slowed down enough to simply be.

My demons were here and ready to dance…and dance we did.

The first song was an old familiar tune called “What are you doing with your life?” with such lyrics as “Mistakes, mistakes, everywhere mistakes” and “Sure it might work for them, but would never work for you, you, you” and my old favorite “Hey, hey – give it up, give it up, give it up, hey!”

It’s a real catchy tune ;).

But dancing with demons was just the beginning…the Universe never leaves me stranded (in fact, it never leaves me at all), and I began to question why this had become the soundtrack of my life?

Or rather, an even better question, how long had this been playing on repeat in the background, sabotaging my inspired action with its negative energy?

In that moment I realized that I had become addicted to the busyness and craved the noise that came with it, trying to drown out my fears, rather than seeing them, accepting them and releasing them.

When I was tired of dancing with these demons, I decided that I would just “fix” it.

“I’m an intuitive coach! I can handle a little negative self-talk! Where are my tools – I just need my tools!”

And yet, the harder I tried, the harder it became to deal with.

Then…I got it. The healing began, as I experienced a “miracle” – or shift in perception – and I understood clearly the message the Universe was sending me all along…




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My intuition brought me back to the truth that I am supported – in ways I could see, but also in many many ways that I couldn’t.

By the end of day 2, the storms had passed, literally and figuratively, and I emerged from my cave to take my dogs on a walk – intuitively knowing that physical movement and body love has always been key for me to integrate truth and get any remaining energy unstuck.

When I stepped outside, I saw how vibrant the world really is. The rain gave the air a crispness I could feel in my lungs as I took deep, cleansing breaths. I walked through my neighborhood recognizing that I didn’t have all the answers…and I was perfectly ok with that.

By day 3, I felt lighter than I had in weeks, leaving my demons behind as I stepped into a more expansive space of trust. Does that mean I’m “cured” – struggles now a thing of the past?

Surely not. As long as I’m alive and breathing with both an ego and intuition vying for my attention, I know I’ll forget once again.

But the beauty, the real beauty of life, isn’t in the forgetting but in the opportunity we have to remember who we are and how supported we are in each new moment, again and again and again.

I would love to hear from you: What does surrender look like right now in your life?

A Season of Gratitude and Giving

A Season of Gratitude and Giving

A Season of Gratitude and Giving

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.

~William Arthur Ward

Halloween just passed, Thanksgiving is on its way, Christmas will follow not long after…the holidays are officially upon us.

Like so many others, I am often hit with mixed feelings from joy, celebration, and nostalgia to overwhelm, lethargy, and dread.

One thing remains constant for me each year: I love the energy of gratitude and giving that surrounds it all.

I have spoken a lot about the power of gratitude (even and especially when you don’t feel like it), and it’s a topic that I bring up a lot with my clients as I have literally witnessed it change lives (my own included).

When we are in a space of appreciation, miracles occur – that is, we shift our perspective enough to see all that is “right” with our lives rather than focus on what is “wrong.”

Even on those days when it seems like everything really is going wrong, and even in our moments of deep grief and suffering, there is always something we can choose to see that can light that spark of gratitude within.

Gratitude is also one of the most important yet often overlooked steps in manifestation and the glue that holds the rest of it together.

Here’s how it works:

Pre-gratitude, our energy is typically neutral or negative, but our vibration instantly shifts when we remember what we’re grateful for.

Our energy becomes more open and receptive, while sending out a signal to the Universe saying “yes, please, more of this good stuff.”


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Another key step to manifesting is the act of giving, which truly goes hand in hand with the energy of gratitude as it is so much easier to give when we are already grateful for what we have.

But why?

I admit that it might seem counter-intuitive at first; after all, when you are desiring something which you don’t have yet, why focus on giving to others rather than simply on receiving for yourself?

Again, it all comes down to energy, that unseen force at play in our lives that will keep us stuck when out of alignment and propel us forward when in alignment.

Science has stepped up to the plate to back this; study after study shows that people report feeling happier and more satisfied when giving.

Plus, when we give to others, we affirm our own abundance and trust that there is more where that came from.

A lack mentality is an easy state to fall into when we allow the fear of “there’s not enough” to pervade, and both gratitude and giving are simple solutions that we can all apply to remember this powerful belief:

The Universe truly is an abundant place, and there is more than enough of what truly matters to go around.

I’d love to hear from you! What are 3 things you are grateful for right now, and what is one thing you can give today to affirm the energy of abundance in your life?


P.S. To kick off this season of gratitude and giving, I’m excited to announce that I’m offering a complimentary BONUS 1 hour clarity session to anyone who buys a Single Session in the month of November!

You can easily make that investment in yourself and schedule your first session by clicking the button below:

Give me Clarity

P.S. Got questions? I love giving when it comes to answers too ;). Click here to contact me with any questions at all and to setup a free 15 minute Discovery Call to determine if what I have to offer will best serve you right now.

The Moral of the Story

The Moral of the Story

The Moral of the Story

“And the moral of the story is…”

That’s how my mom and I ended our conversation yesterday on the phone.

You see, my mom is a Kindergarten teacher, and the simple wisdom she teaches her students never ceases to amaze me – last night’s lesson being no different.

Her class is participating in an evening of storytelling tonight, and my mom was sharing with me the story that she will be reading to her students (dressed up as a character from the book of course!).

This story is about a happy go lucky dog who is meandering along with a bone in his mouth, and, as is often the case with dogs, without a care in the world.

The dog comes upon a bridge over a river, and as he crosses, he looks down to see another dog with a bone in his mouth.

Of course, now seeing that he could have TWO bones instead of one, he forgets how happy he was before, and dives in after that other dog to retrieve the other bone.

As he splashes into the river, he loses the bone he had, and the “other dog” magically vanishes.

How often have you been the dog with the bone, forgetting your own happiness the moment you covet what someone else has?

Perhaps your story is different right now, and the morals are lessons that are specific to whatever it is you need to learn in this moment. If so, how can you tap into the power of stories and metaphors to best learn and grow?


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Metaphors communicate with us on a deeper level by speaking directly to our subconscious minds, where the language is less direct, and you may have noticed that I use a lot of metaphors in the posts that I share here on the blog for this reason.

I take this even deeper by guiding my coaching clients to tap into the power of metaphors in their own lives, and here is one simple process to learn the “moral of the story” through whatever life’s lesson you’re currently growing through: (more…)

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