Body: Awaken the Senses with Mindfulness Meditation

Oh our poor, neglected bodies.

The mind gets so much of our attention but the body is often what brings us back to the present moment.

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To bring yourself easily back to this moment, set aside 10 minutes to play with this 5 Senses Mindfulness Meditation (it’s simple enough for you to read the below and try it – or you can listen to me guide you through it by clicking on the link below):

CLICK THE BELOW TO OPEN THE GUIDED MEDITATION (I recommend using headphones for optimal sound quality): 

MyMiBoSo 5 Senses Guided Meditation

1. Sit comfortably and gently allow your eyes to close

2. Slowly bring thumb to forefinger and rub them gently together, activating the sense of touch. Is it papery, silky, or rough? Notice if you can feel the clothes on your skin…then the air…is there a cool breeze or can you feel the warmth on your skin?

3. Feeling more grounded now, begin to notice the sounds around you, beginning with those in the room and then including those outside. Allow the sounds to float gently toward your ears.

Approach this with compassionate curiosity, releasing any judgement or thoughts about the sound by simply saying in your mind “thinking” or “judging” before gently returning to the sensation of sound.

4. Now, with your senses more in tune, inhale deeply through the nose, bringing your awareness to any smells, however subtle that you notice. Take another gentle and easy breath.

5. The sense of smell is deeply connected to that of taste, so direct your attention to your tongue and notice any subtle sweet, sour, bitter, or salty tastes. Release judgements if they arise by naming them “judging.”

6. Finally, take another easy breath and gently allow your eyes to open ever so slightly as the light begins to enter. Notice the brightness, shadows, and colors.

Thank yourself for giving yourself the gift of the present moment and then lovingly go back about your day.