The Power of Appreciation

The Power of Appreciation

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Appreciation is the highest form of prayer, for it acknowledges the presence of good wherever you shine the light of your thankful thoughts.
~Alan Cohen

We are inundated this time of year with the word gratitude…and that’s a good thing because gratitude is a transformative practice.

But today I want to talk about the power of appreciation…gratitude’s less hyped kissing cousin.

the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.

Appreciation allows us to both recognize and ENJOY the good qualities of life and the world around us…and when we do so, our energy shifts…and when our energy shifts we can live our joy more fully every day, no matter what other circumstances surround us.

So to activate the power of appreciation in your life, I am inviting you to join me in the #dailypda 21 day challenge!

Here’s a short one-minute video of me sharing what it’s all about – and why it’s so important:

What does #dailypda stand for?

Well, daily public display of APPRECIATION of course!

Here’s how it works:

Kicking off on December 1st, I’m going to lead by example by sharing at least one “moment of appreciation” with the hashtag #dailypda each day on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and I invite you to do the same!

It’s a little different than just sharing things you’re grateful for, as I invite you to open your awareness to not only what’s floating around in your head but for the actual physical evidence showing up in the world around you.

And rather than just sharing the broad areas of appreciation, I want you to focus on those single moments…so for example, you might share a pic of your backyard with the hashtag #dailypda and the caption would be “I appreciate that moment standing in the sunshine in my backyard when I watched 2 squirrels jump wildly from the telephone wire to the sycamore tree #dailypda”

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We wrap it up on December 21st, which is the New Moon and a potent time to focus your energy on what you want to create in your life…and it will be so much easier to do so from a space of being open and appreciative now that you’ve built in this new way of seeing the world around you.

So join me by entering your info below:

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But “why, Sabrina…why?” Here are a few answers to your potential “why’s” :).

Why moments of appreciation – why not just a gratitude list?

Our brains tend to generalize out…when asked how we’re doing, we often reply with “it’s a good day, or it’s been a rough day,” our mind summarizing the overall shade of that day’s experience.

However, when we hone in on those magical moments – those little mini-movies that we call memories, we can often shift a rough day to good and even a good day to great.

And from that singular point of focus, the brain will generalize out again and our memories become reconsolidated so that we begin to see our lives and the Universe working FOR us rather than against us.

Why public displays of appreciation – why not just journal around this?

When you share your moments with those around you it does several things:

*it lifts them up and encourages them to seek out moments of their own!
*it gives you a public record of what lights you up in your life; naysayers might say that this is just one side of the story, that it’s a polyanna approach to the challenges we face on a day to day basis. But it’s time for a little loving truth bomb: you are not your story. You are the creator of your story, so why not choose a better version and know that no matter where you are now, EVERYTHING is changing.
*it keeps you accountable to consistency; transformation can happen in a moment, but lasting change is the result of consistent habits.

Why now – it’s already so cray cray with the holidays upon us!

Well, I believe now is the only real time there is (no really, THIS moment right now exists in reality – everything else is in our big, beautiful minds!).

But if we’re going to play with the linear concept of time for a moment, where days on the calendar do exist, then the other reason I chose now is because it’s so easy to forget about “being thankful” after the Thanksgiving buzz wears off.

And my work is all about helping you to create consistent thought habits – no matter what’s going on in the outside world.

So I invite you to join me on this FUN challenge by entering your name and email below, so I can send you loving check-ins a couple of times a week along with other insightful and inspiring reminders to reconnect you to the big WHY.

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As a BONUS, I’m giving away a copy of Russ Harris’ book “The Happiness Trap,” one of my fave resources with actionable exercises to teach you how to defuse the energy from unhelpful thoughts so that you can infuse them into what you appreciate and what you want to create more of in your life.

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is enter your info and then you’ll gain an entry into the drawing with each tweet, instagram post, or facebook post that you share with the hashtag #dailypda (tag @sabrinabolin on Twitter, @thesabrinabolin on Instagram, and on Facebook so I don’t miss your shares!).

We officially kick-off on December 1st, so sign up today, and I look forward to supporting and celebrating your #dailypda with you on this journey!

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The Upside of Worry

The Upside of Worry

The Upside of Worry

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength.
~Corrie Ten Boom

We are all familiar with the many downsides of worry; it is defined as “praying for what you don’t want” for good reason.

And for the most part, I would agree; when the emotion of worry becomes excessive, we focus all of our awareness on the worst possible outcome, leaving us stuck in a fog and unable to take those steps forward to heal and grow through the lessons our souls are presenting to us (albeit sometimes in messy packages).

But through my journey, I have come to understand that worry is of the little mind, aka our ego, and like all things that stem from little mind, it is here to give us an opportunity to grow and expand.


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The tricky thing with emotions and even our thoughts is that they are a part of us – but they are not who we are at our core.

So the upside of worry and all of those emotions we deem “bad” or undesirable is that they are guideposts – signs to those parts of our lives that crave healing and compassionate awareness.

It then becomes a delicate dance as we learn how to honor our emotions and thoughts – including the worrisome kind – without attachment and with a sense of curiosity instead.

Taken a step further, when we worry about something in life, we are reminded that it is important to us, even if the future is tangled up in a web of uncertainty.

In that sense, worry is a gift – we can essentially “thank our worry” for reminding us what we find most valuable in any given moment (whether that’s the health of loved ones, living up to our highest potential in our careers, or connecting more deeply in intimate relationships).

Recognizing this upside to worry – indeed, to everything in your experience – I invite you to shift the energy behind it so that it can become more useful in your life by asking yourself these questions:

Where is the love?

Under every fear there is love or a call for love so allow yourself to refocus on that aspect first. This can be as simple as remembering that the worry crept up in the first place because there is an element of something you love being threatened. So how can you simply embrace that which you love in THIS moment – rather than worrying about it being taken away in the next?

Where is my power?

We live in a co-creative Universe, so your power is best accessed when you focus on the essence of what you desire, rather than getting wrapped up in external circumstances or other people’s actions. Connect to the energy of what you want, while releasing the “form” that it has to take – because the Universe often has even bigger and better plans that you might imagine.

What will I choose?

With awareness comes choice, and you have the power to choose possibility over worry when you’ve recognized the current of love underneath of it all. And what is possible might surprise you when you begin to shift your thoughts from the worst possible scenario back toward a trust of an ever-expanding, all- abundant Universe that always has your back.

I’ve been given many opportunities to practice this in my own life, especially recently as one of my little dogs has been diagnosed with lymphoma.

Like any mama who feels the safety of her “baby” being threatened, I immediately experienced a flood of worry, grasping for answers to soothe my confusion.

Once I was able to recognize that my deep level of worry simply correlated to my deep level of love for her, I focused as much as possible on that love to shift my energy around it.

My power then freed up when I recognized that the essence of my desire was to live in the present moment and enjoy a deep quality of life, regardless of what’s going on around me. So I keep coming back to the now again and again appreciating more deeply the time that we do have together rather than the time that we don’t.

By shifting back to my place of power, I can see more clearly what my choices really are. I can choose to support my little dog with whatever feels right in the moment, releasing the attachment to the outcome.

Ultimately, I can choose once again to trust…in my Higher self, in her soul’s journey, and in an infinite Universe.

This experience has taught me that worry is a part of life, and not altogether a bad thing; every emotion has its place as we grow stronger each time we learn how to process that which is out of our control while accepting and changing that which is.

I’d love to hear from you: Where is the love, your power, and a different choice around something that is worrying you today?

Dancing with your Shadow: How to Accept Yourself and Flow through Challenges in Life

Dancing with your Shadow: How to Accept Yourself and Flow through Challenges in Life

I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me, And what can be the use of him is more than I can see.
~Robert Louis Stevenson

I had the absolute pleasure of hosting a live Google Hangout with my dear friend Liz Dialto yesterday, as we dove into the topic of “How to Dance with your Shadow” – one of my favorite subjects as it’s one that I deal with on a daily basis whether in my own life or with my intuitive coaching and hypnotherapy clients.

As always, I walked away learning a lot – about myself, my work, and how I can share these tools in an even deeper way with my tribe – so I invite you to join our conversation by watching the video above, as we share stories and principles that can support you as you learn to dance with your shadow.

Here are just a few of those insights from our conversation in the meantime:

No matter how far along on our journey we are…our shadow is always there. But it doesn’t have to be something that we judge or avoid…in fact, when we start to see its appearances as something to look forward to, as a sign that we’ve expanded into something big, then everything begins to fall into perspective.

Our shadow is our own unique “dark side” – that part of us that points us exactly to where we can learn and grow and expand more fully in our lives, and mine will look different from yours (though often there are quite a few overlaps – fear has many faces but they often look alike).

For me, my shadow often shows up as a “who are you to guide others in their life” – questioning my place in the world to shine brightly and stand tall for what I feel is truth. I work through this in many ways – several of which you’ll find sprinkled throughout my blog – but what always works best for me is a consistent return to the now, with compassion and with trust, and giving myself a “fresh start” in each new moment as I allow what needs to unfold to unfold.

For Liz, her shadow shows up when she finds that speaking her truth triggers someone’s insecurity – prompting them to lash out towards her, the source of that trigger. She shares a beautifully organic process that has allowed her to dance with her shadows – a cycle that allows her to flow through each of those challenges in a deeper way each time. She calls this having a “super deep self-love, self-trust, acceptance of herself, and deep faith.”

Here’s what it looks like to stop and hold the space for the energy to move through you so you can truly Dance with YOUR Shadow:

1. Honor the shadow! Whatever crappy emotions come up, let them move THROUGH you – you are a Spiritual being having a human experience, so release that energy so it gets out of you. Express it – write it, share it with trusted friends – whatever it takes to get it out in a healthy way.

2. Put on mega-watt goggles of compassion and recognize that those negative emotions are NOT your Truth.

3. Forgive and send love. This does NOT mean that the behavior is “ok” – this simply releases the hold it has over you so you can release it. It’s not our job to know the full story of someone else’s journey, so forgive even if you don’t understand the “why” of their actions.

4. Move your body! Listen to music, get out of your head…and if necessary, repeat the above until you feel it’s moved through you.

5. Once the charge has been removed enough, create space to allow the lessons to come. Why did this happen? How can this pattern be avoided in the future? Then come back to that trust of yourself and the Universe, and that your Shadow came here to teach you the lessons you were meant to learn.


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Liz and I recognize that there is not ONE way – the above is simply a set of tools for you to try on and see what resonates.

We both encourage you to stay open to ways the Universe is supporting you – through people, through books, through processes that speak to your soul. The shadow dances around in our blind spots, so it’s important for us to seek with intuitive discernment those ways that we can allow our shadow to be reflected back so that we can dance with it, heal it, grow through it.

One way to really take this work deeper is through Wild Soul Movement.

Wild Soul Movement is a 12 week video-based practice that combines movement, mantra and meditation.




I’m a proud partner of this program, as its intentions are so aligned with and supportive of the work I do with my clients, guiding you to move the energy through you as you surrender and release, trust and receive, dream and desire, and create from a space more connected to your inner wisdom.

Enrollment for the Fall Session closes this Friday, so if you’re ready to say yes to that intuitive nudge, join Liz here:

Wild Soul Movement – Fall Enrollment


No matter how you choose to dance with your shadow, recognize how important this work truly is…and that you’re NEVER alone on this journey, with Universe and guides to support you along the way.

I’d love to hear from you! How do you dance with YOUR shadows in life and more fully accept yourself both light and dark?

How to make a choice when you feel stuck in indecision

How to make a choice when you feel stuck in indecision

How to make a choice when you feel stuck in indecision


In life, we are often faced with complex decisions, and for many of us, it’s paralyzing when we can’t seem to just make a choice.

And let’s face it…making choices is the very nature of our day-to-day life.

Some choices come easier than others, but some of those choices are wrapped up in so many layers that we believe the direction we choose could forever alter the course of our lives, creating irreparable havoc on our path.

And I believe that there is only partial truth in this…every choice we make does alter the course, but often in ways that take us exactly where we need to be to learn and grow through life’s lessons.

The biggest fear that usually pops into mind when faced with one of these big decisions is:

What if I make the wrong choice?

To that question, I invite you to try on this instead:

What if there was no such thing as the wrong choice?

For it’s only when we shift perspective that we begin to see all sides of the challenges – AND opportunities – before us.


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It’s ALL energy, so your first priority is to shift your energy so that you can make the choice that feels most aligned for you in that moment.

This is why it is always my goal in my own life and when working with my coaching clients to guide them to release the heaviness around making that choice, because when you do, you feel lighter, more open, and ultimately less attached to the outcome.

One way to shift this energy is to work with the images in your mind to “defuse” the charge you feel around the possible outcomes from making the choice.

Our ego minds often take us to the extremes of the “worst possible scenario” when stuck in indecision, so rather than deny the images that pop up in our mind, it better serves us to actually work with them.

So read the below exercise (one of the many I guide my coaching and hypnotherapy clients through), then try it on for yourself:

Step 1: Close your eyes and allow yourself to think about that “worst possible scenario” and notice what image pops into mind (as our brain is always sending us little images and mini-movie clips connected to our thoughts and feelings)

Step 2: Begin to play with the image you see. Imagine it is on one of those old tube TVs. Change the image to black and white. See it as dark and fuzzy. And then finally send it all the way to the corner of the room where you need to squint to still see it.

Step 3: Now imagine that “best possible scenario” from making this choice and notice what image pops into mind.

Step 4: Charge that image up by making it panoramic, wrapped all around, Imax size so it fills an entire stadium. Turn up the brightness so it’s HD quality…then 3D quality so the image floats out of the screen so you could touch it.

Step 5: Float into that image, seeing what you see and hearing what you hear, and noticing how good it feels to embody that best case scenario.

Step 6: Then imagine floating back out, take a nice easy breath, and open your eyes.

Interesting how the mind and energy works, isn’t it?

From this new space, you will feel less charge around that fear and more empowered by the possibility – so the choice itself will often become clearer and much easier to make.

So TRUST yourself – and the Universe to support you.

Release illusion of control around the outcome.

And sink deeply into the now where everything is happening exactly as it’s meant to.

I’d love to hear from you: What did you notice when trying the exercise above? And what other tools or perspectives help you make a choice when stuck in indecision?


I believe so fully in the power of choice that the heart of my coaching practice focuses on guiding you to strengthen the ultimate “choice-maker” – your intuitive voice that can guide you through it all. If you need support strengthening yours, I invite you to learn more below about how I can help below:

This too shall pass…the gift of impermanence.

This too shall pass…the gift of impermanence.

This too shall pass...the gift of impermanence

The living self has one purpose only: to come into its own fullness of being, as a tree comes into full blossom, or a bird into spring beauty, or a tiger into lustre. ~D.H. Lawrence

There seems to be a divide in how we’re taught to work with our own emotions.

On one end of the spectrum, there are those who feel it’s essential to fully and deeply feel our feelings and share our stories of pain and suffering.

On the other, there are those who believe the only way around pain is to stop and change directions in the moment, quickly choosing a new thought or feeling.

And then there’s those of us who embrace the middle ground and find merits in both schools of thought.

I had the opportunity to embody this middle ground on my birthday just this past week, a day filled with love, celebration, appreciation…as well as tears, loneliness, and doubts about my own abilities and choices in life.

Earlier that day, I had scheduled time for reflection, but as I cozied up on the couch in my office with journal in hand, I found myself being moved to tears.

That old ego voice tried to jump in and judge my feelings, but I intuitively knew that the energy of “judgement” wasn’t going to help me work through it, so I refused to listen to that voice, and I stayed present.

You might be wondering why, why was I crying on this amazing day of celebration in my life…but honestly, what’s most helpful for me (and hopefully you), is to shift the attention away from “the story” because it’s almost never worth the energy (no matter how compelling that story might be).

The interesting thing about emotions is that when we truly feel them, without hooking into the story, they usually transform within 90 seconds to something new, so I gave myself 90 seconds, again and again, as each new emotion welled up and moved through me.

By staying present with it all, I recognized that just as my feelings were shifting, changing, flowing from one into another, so would my life experiences…impermanence truly is a gift.

Everything changes, that is, except for the core of who I am: LOVE, that Divine energy that flows through all of us.

I understood that even the tears and pain and frustration that I was feeling was, in its own way, an expression of this love. In that moment of acceptance, the switch flipped, and my mind found a new focus, creating meaning where there was only confusion before.

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I recently began working with a new mentorship client who shared with me that she’s finally found happiness…but it’s fleeting. I immediately congratulated her on recognizing one of the deepest truths about our experience – that is is ALL fleeting.

The good, the seemingly bad, the highs, the lows…when we fully allow ourselves to accept this, we can embrace coming into our own fullness of being, and lovingly focus on what is within our control: the energy we give to each passing moment.

I’d love to guide you to a deeper understanding of your own life experience, so I invite you to join me tomorrow, August 7th at 630 PM PST / 930 PM EST in my free Monthly Master Class & Meditation Series!

This month’s topic is “You Are Not Your Thoughts” and I’ll share intuitive insights and processes to help you work with your thoughts more easily, then lead you through a short guided meditation to anchor in a deeper understanding.

Sign up to join The Tribe below to get access to the call-in info and the MP3 recording of the class:

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