I Believe in Conscious Love

Sweet soul, I am so grateful you are here, and I want to remind you of all the goodness that is in your life.

No matter what is going on in your life right now, the problems in your business, the hurt in your family, the confusion in your relationship…there is magic too.

But it’s not always where we seek it. It’s in the little tiny moments that flicker by unnoticed if we’re not careful.

It’s in that sweet comment a typically quiet friend makes on your Facebook wall, it’s in the laugh of the giggling child who squeals “hi!” as you pass by on the street, it’s in the beginning few notes when your favorite song (you know the one) just happens to start playing on the radio.

It’s in the connections.

It starts with looking a new direction, shifting perspectives, choosing a new focus…if only for a moment.

It is the spark that lights a fire that burns away the old, making room for the new.

And it is magic not because all the “bad” disappears from life, but because you no longer see it for the “bad” you thought it was.

You float above, and looking down you see the spaces where your soul craves growth and can choose it in those moments of pain.

And looking down you see love; powerful, powerful love.

The love you choose to bring to yourself but also the love you choose to receive from the Universe.

You’re never alone, sweet being.

So for today and for as many days you choose from here on out, lean into this love. Receive that support, that inner wisdom, that intuitive guidance that will navigate you to the next big adventure.

And celebrate today as the day you made that choice.

I love you.



P.S. Please share this with whomever you feel could use this message today…let love grow.

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